Rodrigo Méxas - Fundação Oswaldo Cruz

Health Technology and Research

Join us on 18 May for a discussion on Health Technology and Research during the 121st anniversary celebrations of the Oswaldo Cruz Institute,

Created in 1900, the Oswaldo Cruz Institute (IOC) is part of the Brazilian history on public health research, technological development and innovation. Offering reference services and scientific collections of national and international importance, the IOC plays an important role in the training of researchers in areas of Biological, Biomedical and Health Education Sciences. Since 2010, the Symposium on Research and Innovation aims to provide an opportunity to disseminate research advances on vaccines and drug development, neglected and emerging diseases, nanotechnology and molecular entomology, translational research, biodiversity, among others. Now as an international event, the objective of this I International Symposium on Research and Innovation is to promote a discussion on new research strategies, technological development and innovation, bringing speakers from development agencies and national and international academic centers.

Swissnex will join the IOC’s 121st anniversary celebrations taking part on the Health Technology and Research panel on 18 May 2021, moderated by Marcelo Pelajo, researcher at the Oswaldo Cruz Institute. Jan Eichbaum, member of the board of the ENRICH Innovation Center in Brazil, will introduce opportunities with the European Union in international cooperation and innovation in health. Carlos Batthyány, Member of the Pasteur Mataojo International Network of Institutes (Montevideo, Uruguay), will present the contributions and developments of the Uruguayan scientific academy to control the epidemic. And, Leonardo Machado, Swissnex CEO ad interim, will discuss the challenges of innovation in academia presenting Swissnex’s experience on this topic.

The full program is available here (Portuguese only).