Andrei Jipa

Digital Fabrication between research and practice

Join us on 6 October for a discussion on the importance of digitalization and automation processes for the built environment including computer-aided design methods and digital manufacturing processes such as large-format 3D printing. Cheryl Jacobs, President of AIA Miami, will moderate the discussion between Fabian Scheurer, founder of Design-to-Production, and Benjamin Dillenburger, Professor at the ETH Zurich. Event organized with Insight Architecture at 14:00 (Brazil)/19:00 (Switzerland).

Facing a dramatically increasing urbanization worldwide and our limited resources, we need to find new ways to design and fabricate buildings. Digitalization and automation, which are still in their infancy in architecture and the construction industry, must play a key role in this field. The research group Digital Building Technologies investigates how to create a more sustainable and more diverse built environment through the combination of computer-aided design methods and digital manufacturing processes such as large-format 3D printing. This webinar will focus on the possibilities of additive manufacturing in the field of concrete construction. Several strategies will be presented in which 3D printing can not only help to use concrete more efficiently but also to fabricate complex and customized designs. Finally, the webinar will present a vision of a radically digitalized process from design to fabrication in architecture towards a digital building culture.

How to get complexity away from the building site? Design-to-Production is based on the simple fact that architecture is made of parts that need to come together on site in a controlled and safe way. Digital Fabrication has not only changed how we create those parts but also how we create their connections, allowing to embed a lot of onsite-complexity in offsite-prefabrication.

To explore these topics, Insight Architecture and Swissnex in Brazil invite Fabian Scheurer (Switzerland), founder of Design-to-Production and Benjamin Dillenburger (Germany), professor at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich to this webinar. They will present their work and discuss the challenges and opportunities they see in digital fabrication between research and practice. Cheryl Jacobs, president of the AIA Miami will moderate the conversation. The event will be held in English and Portuguese, with simultaneous translation to both languages. The webinar is part of the Insight Architecture’s Future Now event, which investigates the use of sustainable materials and new construction techniques such as digital fabrication in architecture as part of the 27th World Congress of Architects UIA 2021 Rio calendar.



This webinar is organized in collaboration with Insight Architecture.