Innosuisse Camps

Are you an early-stage Swiss startup looking to test your product on the US market or ready to start selling to American customers? The Innosuisse Internationalization Camps run by Swissnex in Boston and New York will give you the knowledge and contacts you need. We offer two types of Innosuisse camps:

  • Market
    Validation Camp

    A tailor-made program of up to one month to test your startup's business idea onsite and develop a market entry strategy.

  • Market
    Entry Camp

    A tailor-made program of up to three months to accelerate your startup’s market entry, giving it a jump-start in a new country.

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How Do the
Camps Work?

Although Switzerland is repeatedly ranked as the world’s most innovative country, the size of its market remains relatively limited. Because it is crucial for Swiss startups to think globally from the get-go, the Swiss innovation agency Innosuisse launched internationalization camps that offer early-stage Swiss startups a first step into important foreign markets. In partnership with Swissnex, Innosuisse developed two types of internationalization camps: a Market Validation Camp and a Market Entry Camp.

In Boston and New York, Swissnex runs these two camps throughout the year. When applying, startups choose either Boston or New York as a camp location and if accepted, agree with Swissnex on an appropriate start date. The startup will then complete a program of up to one month (market validation) or up to three months (market entry), during which it will benefit from tailored support from Swissnex. It will also receive a stipend allowing it to visit the selected location during the chosen time frame. Prior to travel, participants are required to attend the online introductory module “Breaking Into the US Market.” This module, which consists of virtual sessions of one to three hours per day over the course of two weeks, is offered twice a year. The spring 2023 edition will take place March 6-17.

Market Validation Camp

The Market Validation Camp offers you the opportunity to experience the target market in person, test your business idea on-site, talk to local experts, and develop a tailored market entry strategy.

What do you get?

  • An individualized and tailor-made program with full immersion in the target market of up to four weeks
  • An opportunity to validate and test your product, service, or business model on-site
  • Scouting services and targeted introductions to potential customers, investors, and business partners
  • Internationalization mentoring and continuous guidance
  • Office and meeting space with on-site support
  • A stipend to cover a portion of your travel expenses

Market Entry Camp

The Market Entry Camp will catalyze your business expansion and accelerate your market entry, giving your startup a jump start in a new country. It is recommended that you complete the Market Validation Camp before applying for the Market Entry Camp.

What do you get?

  • An individualized and tailor-made program of up to three months to accelerate market entry
  • Office and meeting space with on-site support
  • Scouting services and targeted introduction to potential customers, investors, and business partners
  • A stipend to cover a portion of your travel expenses

Introductory Module

Breaking Into the US Market

Before traveling to the US, startups are required to attend the introductory online module “Breaking Into the US Market.” Held twice a year, these sessions offer Swiss startups an understanding of the fundamentals of doing business in the US and an intensive introduction to the local ecosystem, including the opportunity to acquire new contacts prior to their travel. This crash course will enable you to hit the ground running when you arrive in the US.

During the module, you will participate in small group sessions with local experts, where you will gain valuable insight into US startup culture and learn how best to approach pitching, fundraising, business development, and hiring in the US Northeast. In addition, sessions will cover important legal topics, including IP, reimbursement, and taxation, as well as sector-specific topics, such as FDA product approval.

The spring 2023 edition of “Breaking Into the US Market” will take place March 6-17 for about one to three hours per day. In order to attend the spring edition,your application must be received by February 20, 2023.


Applications to the Innosuisse Internationalization Camps are accepted on a rolling basis. However, as completion of the online module “Breaking Into the US Market” is a prerequisite for the in-person portion of the camp, applications are time-sensitive. The deadline for participation in the spring module (March 6-17) is February 20, 2023. Applications received after February 20 will be considered for the fall 2023 module.

Who can apply?

  • Swiss startups that are enrolled in the Innosuisse Coaching program (initial, core, or scale-up coaching)
  • Swiss startups that have been awarded the Innosuisse Certificate within the past three years

Startups that do not fulfill either of these criteria must first apply to Innosuisse’s Coaching.



Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. Its role is to promote science-based innovation in the interest of the economy and society in Switzerland.

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