Swiss-US Quantum Days

Swissnex and its partners are launching the inaugural Swiss-US Quantum Days

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The second quantum revolution is at a crossroads. Switzerland and the United States are investing in quantum information science and technology with shared values for the power of bottom-up research and innovation.

The inaugural Swiss-US Quantum Days will bring together key players in the field from both countries on October 20-21, 2022, at the David Rubenstein Forum of the University of Chicago. It will be co-organized by Swissnex and the Chicago Quantum Exchange, in partnership with the General Consulate of Switzerland in Chicago.

Key Goals

Swiss-US Quantum Days has three key goals, all designed to deepen the entanglement of the US and Swiss quantum ecosystems:

  • 1. Forging Scientific Collaborations

    Foster collaborative opportunities in addressing the latest scientific and commercial breakthroughs in quantum computing, simulation, sensing, and communication.

  • 2. Accelerating Ideas to Market

    Build bridges between research-focused and market-driven innovation in order to accelerate the economic development of next-generation quantum solutions.

  • 3. Building a Vibrant Ecosystem

    Through networking and special panels, address key foundational issues to deepen collaboration, such as funding streams, talent pipelines, diversity, effective resource sharing, and open science.

Registration Information:

The conference is invitation-only and space is limited. Individual applications to attend will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us for more information.