Zurich Researchers Forge Relationships on the East Coast

Fourteen faculty and staff members from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences are traveling to Boston and New York in 2024 to conduct research and build connections with their peers in the US.

February 1, 2024 | Boston & New York

Swissnex in Boston and New York will welcome 14 staff and faculty from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) this year, as part of ZHAW Staff Mobility Program coordinated by Swissnex. Ten of the participants are undertaking a two-week stay during which they will complete research and project-based work, or exchange knowledge with their counterparts at US universities. Four of the participants are taking part in a long-term mobility program of up to two months.

For each participant, Swissnex in Boston and New York facilitates connections to local counterparts and offers relevant insights into academic culture in the US, enabling them to exchange knowledge, extend their professional networks, and strengthen ZHAW’s international cooperation with key institutions in Boston, New York, and beyond.

In the over ten years of collaborations sparked by Swissnex, ZHAW has expanded its institutional partnerships on the US East Coast, most recently via the creation of a dual degree program with the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Additionally, the peer-to-peer connections fostered by Swissnex have led to co-authored papers, joint panels, and new research projects launched by ZHAW staff and colleagues in the Boston area.

The following participants will be traveling to the US East Coast as part of the ZHAW Staff Mobility Program 2024:


  • Ivo Kaelin | School of Life Sciences and Facilities Management
    Focus on exchanges to improve curricula and teaching methods, especially in computational life sciences
  • Marco Clemente | School of Management and Law
    Research on business ethics, organizational wrongdoing, and corporate scandals at the intersection between organization theory and strategic management
  • Daniel Fehr | School of Engineering
    Research on sensors and measurement systems for wearables, point-of-care medical testing, and industrial applications
  • Esther Bussmann | School of Social Work
    Focused on student exchanges and shared curricula in social work education programs
  • Verena Biehl | School of Health Sciences
    Focus on best practices and innovations in undergraduate and postgraduate programs for Public Health and Health Promotion
  • Julia Meyer | School of Management and Law
    Research on sustainable finance, especially the relationship between corporate sustainability and investor sentiment
  • Thomas Jaermann | School of Engineering
    Focus on e-learning strategies for engineering
  • Swen Kühne | School of Applied Psychology
    Research on the potential of immersive communication techniques like VR to change risk perception of environmental issues
  • Sandra McGury & Patrick Studer | School of Applied Linguistics
    Focus on developing institutional partnerships for a Global Competence Certificate
  • Florian Keller | School of Management and Law
    Focus on best practices and success factors of leading Boston-area MBA programs, particularly in executive education
  • Thomas Oliver | School of Management and Law
    Research on cross-cultural differences in consumer behavior and entrepreneurial cognitive bias through the behavioral sciences

New York

  • Matteo Moesli | School of Management and Law
    Research on non-market strategies and government relations of firms in international business contexts
  • Clara Weber | School of Life Sciences and Facilities Management
    Researching neuroinclusivity in the workplace and the effect of sensory issues, environmental stress, and workplace design on neurodivergent workers

The ZHAW Staff Mobility Program is an initiative of the global Swissnex network, allowing participants to pursue their research and knowledge-exchange projects in locations around the world. This year, the network will host a total of 25 ZHAW staff in five different regions (Swissnex in Japan will host seven, San Francisco two, and India and China one each).