Zurich-Based University Extends Its Reach on the US East Coast

Twelve experts from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) will travel to Boston, New York, and Washington, DC, in 2023 to exchange knowledge and forge connections with American peers.

February 6, 2023 | Boston & New York

Swissnex in Boston and New York will welcome 12 staff members from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) in 2023, helping them build individualized programs to pursue research projects and professional development. The visitors’ diverse topics include advertising technology, labor law, and patient-centered healthcare. For each visitor, Swissnex offers relevant insights into academic culture in the US and connects them with local counterparts. Through this program, ZHAW staff can exchange knowledge, extend their professional networks, and strengthen ZHAW’s international cooperation with key institutions in Boston, New York, and beyond.

The program has been in place for several years, but is being enhanced for 2023. As in previous years, ZHAW staff will be able to undertake a two-week research stay. This year, Swissnex is also offering two new formats: a job shadowing program designed to allow administrators from ZHAW to exchange knowledge with their counterparts at US universities, as well as a longer-term research immersion program for one to two months.

“We’re excited to welcome such a diverse range of ZHAW staff representing some of the best applied research coming out of Switzerland,” says Brendan Karch, Head of Academic Engagement at Swissnex in Boston. “It’s a privilege to be able to connect them to researchers on the US East Coast and see their ideas blossom through the conversations and collaborations we help enable.”

All six main Swissnex locations worldwide participate in the staff mobility program, with 36 ZHAW staff planning to travel across the globe. Swissnex in Japan plans to host nine visitors, while San Francisco will host seven, India five, Brazil two, and China one virtual exchange.

The ZHAW Staff Mobility Program 2023 includes the following researchers traveling to the US East Coast:


  • Markus Alder | School of Management and Law | Exploring the possibilities of storytelling in education
  • Marina Bruderer-Hofstetter & Anne-Kathrin Rausch | School of Health Sciences | Reviewing research on exercise in medicine and activity promotion for patients with chronic and non-communicable diseases
  • Lucas Knust | School of Management and Law | Investigating the interplay between accounting information, accounting regulation, and firms
  • Sandra McGury & Patrick Studer | School of Applied Linguistics | Expanding collaborations between the Swiss Global Competence Lab and US partners
  • Jeannine Stutz | School of Engineering | Establishing connections with the international affairs offices of Boston-area universities
  • Nicole Vögeli Galli | School of Management and Law | Developing curricula and studying the impact of human rights in labor law

New York

  • David Koch | School of Life Sciences and Facility Management | Developing new methods for communicating sustainability issues at the intersection of language, visual communication, and spatial design
  • Andrea Glässel | School of Health Sciences | Exploring teaching practices in patient-centeredness and narrative medicine
  • Valerio Stallone | School of Management and Law | Researching tokenization and decentralization in the Adtech industry

Washington, DC

  • Larysa Zavgorodnia | School of Applied Linguistics | Researching teaching, knowledge transfer, and communication processes in a classroom setting with deaf and hard-of-hearing students