The Collaboration Stack

A new model to orchestrate collective intelligence and action

Collectively, today’s knowledge organizations throughout the world have an abundance of resources for solving problems: data, scientific and practical insights, hardware, digital platforms, physical spaces, people, networks, intent, influence, solutions, ideas, and creativity.

Yet connecting and orchestrating these knowledge resources is still extremely difficult.

Swissnex, a science and technology consulate, connects Switzerland, North America, and the world in education, research, and innovation. Through this project, it is exploring a new approach for orchestrating issue-centric collaborations to tackle global challenges.

SOSO’s vision is a world in which design and technology work hand in hand to unlock our collective creative potential and bring us closer to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

How do we overcome these roadblocks? How can we orchestrate collective intelligence and action across domains, leveraging both the unique qualities of physical spaces and a limitless network of virtual participants?
These questions provoked a collaboration between Swissnex in Boston and SOSO, a Boston-based creative agency. In a three-week research sprint from May – June 2021, we ideated new frameworks for collaborating across physical and digital space.
Idealistic and experimental by design, the report – its sketches, outlines, and case studies – is the product of our creative process. An open-ended conceptual framework meant to inspire, to jump-start conversation, and to be elaborated into future forms for practical applications.