The Experimental Museum

Join us for a 30-min livestream from the MIT Museum, showcasing three innovative approaches to museum practice, from Boston to Lausanne via Basel.

The Experimental Museum is a traveling hybrid conversation series fostering an exchange of ideas between innovative museums across Switzerland, the US, and the world, with a focus on interactive museum environments and novel interfaces between museums and their cities. In this first edition of the series, streamed live from the MIT Museum in Cambridge, the directors of the MIT Museum, EPFL Pavilions, and the House of Electronic Arts present recent experiments in museum practice – three short bites of inspiration to seed new thinking on the role of museums in today’s and tomorrow’s world.


  • 12:30pm – Public event starts
  • 12:31pm – Introductions, Swissnex and MIT Museum
  • 12:33pm – John Durant, MIT Museum
  • 12:38pm – Sarah Kenderdine, EPFL Pavilions
  • 12:43pm – Sabine Himmelsbach, House of Electronic Arts
  • 12:48pm – Q&A
  • 1:00pm – Public event end
  • 1:05pm – Private workshop begins
  • 2:30pm – Private workshop ends

Event start time