Swisstech Cocktail Reception at Smart Cities Connect

Join Team Switzerland for a networking cocktail reception exploring Swiss innovation at the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo.

Team Switzerland cordially invites you for a networking cocktail reception during the Smart Cities Connect Conference & Expo in Raleigh, NC.

Did you know that three Swiss cities – Zurich, Geneva, and Lausanne – all ranked in the top ten of the 2024 Smart City Index? Switzerland’s leadership in the smart city movement is driven by its long history of innovation, from water- and energy-saving technologies to green mobility, connected systems, and urban digital solutions. Come discover the cutting-edge Swiss solutions that will shape the cities of tomorrow.

During the event, hear from Dr. Alessandro Rotta Loria, Assistant Professor at Northwestern University and co-founder of Enerdrape, a startup founded at EPFL in Lausanne, which is bringing the world’s first prefabricated geothermal panel technology to market.

Let’s rethink the cities of tomorrow together!


  • 5:30pm – Doors open
  • 6:00pm – Flash talk – Dr. Alessandro Rotta Loria
  • 8:00pm – End

Event start time

Flash Talk

Alessandro Rotta Loria
Enerdrape and Northwestern University

Professor Rotta Loria is the head of the Mechanics and Energy Lab at Northwestern University. His group works at the intersection of geomechanics, energy, and environmental sustainability. In this context, he develops with his group theoretical and experimental investigations to understand, characterize, and predict the impact of energy transfers on the structure, properties, and behavior of geological materials: soils, rocks, concrete, and systems thereof. Rotta Loria’s overarching goal is to understand geological materials at their most fundamental – structural – level and to investigate the essential features of their properties and behavior (e.g., thermo-hydro-chemo-mechanical). Dr Rota Loria completed his Ph.D. at the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics at EPFL and is the co-founder of both Enerdrape, an EPFL spinoff which developed developed the world’s first prefabricated geothermal panel technology, and GEOEG, an engineering design and innovation office, providing local solutions to make buildings, districts, and cities more sustainable.


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