Beyond the lab: DNA technologies as Trust-Enablers

There are few technological advancements that can compete with the importance of polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and the pandemic has sparked a renewed interest in this method of amplification – or duplication – of DNA sequences.

The Economy of Trust Foundation launches its “TrustTech Talk”, a series of talks aimed at dissecting various factors and dimensions of trust in technology as well as bringing together leading entrepreneurs, researchers, and experts from across geographies, sectors, and disciplines.

The conversation will be informed by a recent op-ed published by Philippe Gillet, Chief Scientific Officer at SICPA, “PCR: a new “Swiss knife” technology”?.

The online event – a roundtable with introductory presentations – will provide an opportunity for technology leaders, researchers, and innovators to discuss recent developments in this growing field of interest including successful use cases and practical applications.

Following the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable moderated by Lionel Pousaz, Boston-based science writer and communications specialist and former Head of the EPFL media and editorial team at EPFL, and explore ways to further strengthen the support ecosystem for researchers and entrepreneurs.


  • Gianpaolo Rando, CTO, SwissDeCode
  • Anna-Sophia Boguraev, Genes in Space Program, Harvard/MIT
  • Emma Cavalli, Program Manager, Haelixa
  • Philippe Gillet, CSO, SICPA
  • Dr. Siyuan Chen, CTO, Twist Bioscience


Organized by the Economy of Trust Foundation with the support of Swissnex in Boston and the Trust Valley.