Innovation in Healthcare: Medical Devices

For the third and final installment in this conference series, from HESAV and Swissnex in Boston, we will be discussing innovations in the field of Medical Devices.

As one of the fastest growing healthcare industries, medical devices are often conductors of fascinating innovation.

This event is the third installment of a cycle of conferences around the theme of innovation in healthcare and will take place on July 7. Speakers, Patrick Anquetil (CEO – Portal Instruments), Nathaniel Hafer, and Mary Ann Picard of Massachusetts Medical Device Development Center, examine the Medtech ecosystem in Boston today and look toward the future of this rapidly developing field.

This event is jointly presented by Haute École de Santé Vaud (HESAV) and Swissnex in Boston and New York.


11:00 am – Event Start and Introduction
11:05 am – Patrick Anquetil (CEO – Portal Instruments)
11:20 am – Nathaniel Hafer and Mary Ann Picard (M2D2)
11:40 am – Q&A discussion
12:00 pm – Closing remarks