Fostering Equity in Women’s Health

While women make up 50% of the population, women’s health is understudied and underserved. Swissnex and Tech4Eva have partnered to explore the US ecosystem of women’s health research and the growing femtech industry.

Femtech is a small but growing industry of products and services for women’s health, ranging from wellness tech to biotech and medtech. In this event, we explore the arc of women’s health in the United States from research to startup funding while also hearing from 15 global companies building femtech solutions. The event also features a look into the historical policies that have built the current US ecosystem and provides insight into the future trends, opportunities, and challenges for the industry.

“Fostering Equity in Women’s Health” is hosted by Swissnex and its partner Tech4Eva, a Swiss FemTech startup acceleration program, based at EPFL Innovation Park, for companies developing innovative solutions to improve women’s health technologies. The event will open with commentary and remarks by experts and policy-makers from the Swiss ecosystem, followed by two femtech startup lightning rounds and two expert panels.

Program (Eastern Time)

  • Please Note: 10:00 am in Boston = 4:00 pm in Switzerland

10:00 am – Welcome & Introduction

  • Benjamin Bollmann, CEO, Swissnex in Boston and New York
  • Martina Hirayama, Switzerland’s State Secretary for Education, Research, and Innovation

10:07 am – Introduction Tech4Eva Program

  • Lan Zuo Gillet, Deputy Managing Director, EPFL Innovation Park, and Co-Director Tech4Eva
  • Ksenia Tugay, Strategic Innovation, Groupe Mutuel

10:15 am – Tech4Eva Growth-Stage Startup Pitches


  • Impli (United Kingdom, Fertility & Pregnancy, IoT/Wearables)
  • Metabolomic Diagnostics (Ireland, Fertility & Pregnancy, Diagnostics)
  • MOMM Diagnostics (Switzerland, Fertility & Pregnancy, Diagnostics)
  • MUVON Therapeutics (Switzerland, Wellness, Therapeutics)
  • Preglife (Sweden, Fertility & Pregnancy, Application Software/Mobile Apps)
  • Testmate Health (Switzerland, Women’s Medicine, Diagnostics)
  • Viveca Biomed (United Kingdom, Wellness, Medical Devices)
  • WOOM (Spain, Women’s Medicine, AI services and Data Analysis)


  • Alicia Evangelista, Head of Innovation, Swissnex in Boston

10:25 am – Panel I “Towards Equity in Women’s Health Research”


  • Matthias Egger, President of the National Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation, and Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health, University of Bern


  • Alicia Evangelista, Head of Innovation, Swissnex in Boston


  • Roxana Mehran, Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine, Mount Sinai
  • Nicole Woitowich, Research Assistant Professor, Northwestern University
  • Christa Moss, VP of Clinical & Payer Strategy at Maven Clinic

11:15 am – Tech4Eva Growth-Stage Startup Pitches

  • Annaida Technologies (Switzerland, Fertility & Pregnancy, Medical Devices)
  • Aspivix (Switzerland, Fertility & Pregnancy, Medical Devices)
  • Breathe Ilo (Austria, Fertility & Pregnancy, Monitoring Equipment)
  • Embr Labs (United States of America, Menopause, IoT/Wearables)
  • Fizimed (France, Wellness, IoT/Wearables)
  • GalsBio (Israel, Period Health, Monitoring Equipment)
  • GynTools (Israel, Women’s Medicine, Diagnostics)


  • Alicia Evangelista, Head of Innovation, Swissnex in Boston

11:25 am – Panel II “Finding Investment in the USA and The Road to an IPO”


  • André Kudelski, Chairman of the Board, Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse, and Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group


  • Brittany Barreto, Co-Founder, Coyote Ventures & Femtech Focus


  • Elizabeth Gazda, CEO, Embr Labs
  • Alice Zheng, Principal, Rhia Ventures
  • Emi Gonzalez, Investment Partner, Joyance Partners & Ataraxia
  • Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, CEO and Co-Founder, AOA Inc.

12:00 am – Closing Remarks

  • Alicia Evangelista, Head of Innovation, Swissnex in Boston

Special Guests


Panel 1: Toward Equity in Women’s Health Research

Panel 2: Finding Investment in the USA: The Road to IPO


Organized in collaboration with Tech4Eva, a Swiss FemTech startup acceleration program founded by EPFL Innovation Park and Groupe Mutuel, and its partners.