Broadway Bites: Raphael Gielgen

Raphael Gielgen from the Swiss design company Vitra examines the shifting landscape of work at the dawn of a new era.

In a talk titled “At the Dawn of a New Era,” Raphael Gielgen, trendscout at the Swiss design company Vitra, unsettles the assumptions that underlie our professional lives, and investigates how global shifts are challenging our understanding of the way the world works.

Broadway Bites is a monthly lunch event at Swissnex on Broadway in Cambridge, bringing inspiring guests from our global network to give a talk on their work.


  • 12:30pm – Doors open
  • 12:45pm – Talk and conversation
  • 2:30pm – End

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Raphael Gielgen, Vitra

Raphael Gielgen is Trendscout Future of Work Life and Learn at the Swiss design company Vitra. His irrepressible curiosity, restless quest for explanations and delight in turning things upside down can sometimes make him an uncomfortable companion. He visits over a hundred companies, universities, and startups in a single year; the world is his workplace and the future is his field of research. His work informs Vitra’s approach to improving the quality of offices and public spaces through the power of design by providing the diverse Vitra team with the results of his observations and insights through trend clusters, market analysis and business cases. He documents his insights and experiences in a panorama, a map of the trends and patterns of a new world. He lives privately on a small farm near the Bavarian Forest. An idyllic place surrounded by nature. Here he lives connected to the cycles of nature and he loves to think beyond the day in this place.