PC: Martin Adams/Unsplashed

System Testing (AFC)

Project summary

This projects contains the following tasks:
-Development of Material and Product Testing’s in Energy storage systems
-Understanding of safety and compliance for energy storage systems
-Understanding Electrochemistry and titrations
-Development of test plans and their execution
-Analysis of Test data analysis using Excel or related tools
-To be able to test all variants of system and cell level testing
-Work with cross functional teams such as Mechanical design, Electronics and Materials to ensure feedback to design of all the systems
-Implementation of Quality plan at vendor levels along with the operations team
-Testing using electronic loads, discharger units and their maintenance


Bachelor’s or Master’s degree students from the relevant field (focused on Chemical/Materials/Mechanical engineering or related technical field)


-Experience in Cell Chemistry and Battery Testing is an advantage and would be preferable.
-Experience in working with high-placed developments and startups is a plus.