Simple to complex mechanical artwork design

This project by Pors & Rao aims to design an artwork or an extraction of a mechanical module/ series for the open source PATHOS toolkit. The scale and complexity of the mechanical design will be identified based on the your interest. Get the opportunity to;

- Design mechanical system for the real world, a long term public life
- Design innovation within the constraints of visual aesthetics
- Ownership of a complete product cycle (design-prototyping-testing-installation)
- Design of mechanical systems for silent, life-like motion and responsiveness
- Optimisation of design for easy and quick public display.


Preferred Bachelors / Masters from the relevant field.

Key skills

- Well thought out, light handed, mechanical design, with special attention to engineering details

- Ability to do hands-on prototyping, assembly and testing

- Command over CAD software, knowledge of Fusion 360

- Ability to select OEM parts from various suppliers online

- Motor control knowledge

- Love for mechanical engineering and building special purpose systems essential.