Swissnex Quantum Summit

Taking place in Switzerland on October 14, 2023, the conference will bring together key ecosystem builders from several countries to discuss how to jointly accelerate breakthroughs and shape the quantum economy, from education and research to startups and large companies.

Building a New Quantum Era

On the verge of new technological breakthroughs, governments, universities, and companies across the world are investing heavily in quantum research and innovation, as well as talent and workforce development. Held in Lausanne on October 14, 2023, the Swissnex Quantum Summit will explore best practices in building multi-stakeholder quantum ecosystems at the local and national levels, while connecting them on a global scale. The moment is ripe to bring together quantum initiatives from different countries to jointly accelerate breakthroughs and shape the quantum economy.

Connecting Ecosystem Builders

The Swissnex Quantum Summit seeks participants who are actively shaping quantum ecosystems and supporting the emergence of this new industry in their respective countries, including policymakers, experts, and other “multipliers” from:

  • Government agencies involved in quantum strategies, infrastructure, and funding
  • Universities developing quantum education and translation programs
  • Quantum research centers involved in developing the broader ecosystem
  • Quantum accelerators, incubators, and innovation centers
  • Quantum startups, corporations, and industry associations
  • Industry players active in developing use cases for quantum

Summit Objectives

The summit will work towards three objectives:

  • Best practices across borders | Presenting the key examples from various countries and identifying best practices in building quantum ecosystems
  • Multilateral collaborations | Finding multi-country synergies and joining forces on specific initiatives, such as talent-building programs
  • Experience Swiss quantum | Learning about and engaging with the best of Swiss quantum education, research, and innovation

It will feature an interactive workshop environment with both plenary and breakout sessions, along with ample time for networking and informal conversations.

Swiss Quantum Week

The Swissnex Quantum Summit will take place at the Rolex Learning Center on the EPFL campus in Lausanne, Switzerland, on Saturday, October 14, 2023. It will be held alongside two other major quantum events in Switzerland this fall:

  • GESDA Summit | October 11-13, Geneva | Annual summit including a track on GESDA’s quantum efforts
  • Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland | October 16, EPFL | Premier annual meeting in the Swiss quantum ecosystem

Why Swissnex?

The Swissnex Quantum Summit will be the cornerstone of Swissnex’s Project Quantum, a series of activities undertaken throughout the global Swissnex network to connect Switzerland and the world in quantum science and technology.

  • In 2022, in conjunction with the signing of the Joint Statement on Cooperation in Quantum Information Science and Technology between Switzerland and the United States, Swissnex launched the Swiss-US Quantum Days in Chicago, which itself led to the creation of the US-Switzerland Quantum Symposium in Basel and several scientific collaborations.
  • This year, Swissnex is supporting diplomatic efforts in the field with various other countries, from the UK and Canada to Korea and Japan. As part of Project Quantum, the Swissnex Quantum Summit will turn these bilateral relationships into a multilateral opportunity for exchange, putting the best of Swiss quantum on center stage.


Hosted at EPFL, the Swissnex Quantum Summit is organized by Swissnex with the support of the ETH Board and Presence Switzerland. It is part of Project Quantum, Swissnex’s initiative to connect Switzerland and the world in quantum science and technology. More partners to be announced.