Swiss startups conquer the Brazilian market

2022 and an intense first semester for the Swiss Startups' internationalization in Brazil

– By Bianca Campos, Deputy CEO and Program Manager | Innovation & Startup

During the pandemic, the Innosuisse Internationalization Camps to Brazil happened online. Finally, in 2022, meetings and activities to validate and enter the Brazilian market have returned to being held in a presential format.

It is interesting to point out that online meetings are still happening since they are beneficial to planning a fruitful presential camp and ensuring the first interactions and synergies identification. However, to present and discuss innovation in person is inspiring, and it is also motivating to discuss potential new businesses and partnerships in a presential manner.

During the first semester of 2022, Swissnex in Brazil received three Swiss startups for the Market Validation Camp: Maptiler (ICT), Herby (EdTech), and Comphya (MedTech). All had personal meetings and presented their unique solutions in innovation events and ecosystems throughout Brazil.

All three startups stood out in more than 10 Brazilian cities, reinforcing the Swiss innovation from the South to the Northeast of the country.

The outcomes include first deals with customers for Maptiler, more than five municipalities in the process of hiring Herby for their schools, a clear regulatory registration path for Comphya, and the submission of a clinical trial to validate their medical device with Brazilian patients.

And there is more to come! The three startups had positive conclusions about validating the Brazilian market and are working on a market entry strategy, starting their first businesses, creating job positions, and generating value for Brazil and Switzerland!

Great moments and good winds are still to come during the 2nd semester of 2022 and beyond! In August, two Swiss startups are landing in Brazil to validate and visualize possibilities: Diaxxo (HealthTech) and Agrinorm (AgTech/ICT).

inovaBra habitat


Rodrigo Fraga (Comphya) is pitching its startup solution to potential partners and clinical experts at inovaBra habitat – a relevant innovation ecosystem in São Paulo.

Around Brazil

Improve learning

Andrin Pelican (Herby) and children from the city "Vitória da Conquista" in Bahia at Brazilian Schools testing Herby's solution to improve learning in the literacy phase.


Swiss-made maps

Pablo Balbuena (Maptiler) and Swissnex's Innovation and Startups Manager, Vincent Neumann, at VTEX DAY 2022 in São Paulo - the event focuses on digital transformation in Latin America.

Swissnex Team


In 2018 the Swiss deep tech Avalia System came to Brazil for the Market Entry Camp. After four years of operation in the country, the startup is celebrating the achievements and value generated for relevant customers in Brazil. At the beginning of August, Avalia presented its solution at the Febraban Tech conference and at the Swiss Official Residence in São Paulo to CEOs and CTOs of M& banking and funds that are current and potential customers. It was a successful night with a masterclass from Professor Dr. Andrea Minardi, from Insper, about the scenarios for 2022 and beyond in startups and technology companies’ investments.

A vital ingredient of the Innosuisse Internationalization Camps is the customization and tailoring of services to each startup. If you are a Swiss entrepreneur interested in validating and discovering possibilities for your innovation in the Brazilian market, please contact us!