Pantanal Science Camp 2022

Two weeks of delving into one of the World's Heritage regions brought new connections and research advances for ZHAW students at the first Pantanal Science Camp.

– By Pedro Capra, Program Manager | Academic Relations, and Sofia Costa, Communications Manager

Swissnex in Brazil had the pleasure of welcoming the first group of students to the Pantanal Science Camp. Luana Ott and Jeannine Moser, biotechnology students from the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, spent two weeks getting to know the structure of Sesc Pantanal and investigating the rich local biodiversity in search of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Their research contributes directly to the work of Professor Evelyn Wolfram’s phytochemicals research group, which researches new essences. This work aims to identify medicinal plants useful for further research and the elaboration of essences. The project is part of the method development program intended to ensure the quality and standardization of phytotherapy.

During their two weeks at the Pantanal Science Camp, Luana and Jeannine went to the Pantanal Private Natural Heritage Reserve, managed by Sesc, to observe and study the local biodiversity and the different region's biomes.

At the Camp, they could familiarize themselves with the flora that makes up the region and connect with the structure of Sesc Pantanal. They also exchanged with researchers about their work and learned traditional knowledge from the local population.

They returned to Switzerland with progress in their research. They are now ready to share this knowledge with their colleagues and professors, bringing new connections and practical experiences that add to and develop their herbal project.

The Pantanal Science Camp is an excellent opportunity to immerse in a unique Natural World Heritage Site biome, as most of its original cover is still preserved.

Swissnex, in partnership with Sesc, allows each researcher to develop their activities in the region and connect with local partners to collaborate in developing their research and projects, fostering international cooperation in innovative projects in the Pantanal.