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New Program for Swiss Venture Capitalists

Swissnex in San Francisco is offering a program to support Swiss Venture Capitalists navigating AI investments.

San Francisco – April 3, 2024

Silicon Valley has long stood as the epicenter of venture capital (VC), the birthplace of the industry, and the global headquarters for artificial intelligence (AI). Looking ahead, AI investments remain a key area of interest for Venture Capitalists (VCs), despite the broader industry challenges such as reduced deal values and difficult exit conditions. The potential for increased investor interest in specific sectors like semiconductors and clean energy, suggests that 2024 could hold opportunities for savvy investors, especially as they navigate a more disciplined venture market.

Tech giants NVIDIA and Google lead in hardware and algorithms, with AWS dominating cloud infrastructure—where can startups excel in the GenAI value chain? Assessing AI startups, from ChatGPT’s efficiency gains to the revolutionary business models of self-driving cars, how do we effectively evaluate the long-term ROI of these diverse AI ventures? Navigating AI’s ethical and regulatory maze is increasingly complex as the technology advances.

How do we ensure our AI investments are future-proofing against evolving ethical and regulatory standards and supply chain disruptions?

Swissnex Valley: AI Deep Dive for VCs

Swissnex Valley is a targeted program for Swiss VCs to master AI investment dynamics. It offers strategic insights and networking opportunities in Silicon Valley over a three-day on-site program. Participants will engage with top industry experts, benefit from peer learning, and apply concepts in three workshops. Aimed at experienced Swiss VCs, this program is crucial for those looking to refine their investment strategies and anticipate market trends. The focus is on GenAI’s value chain, AI’s industry disruption, VC operational integration, and emerging regulatory trends. Ideal for partner-level attendees for the first two days, with investment team members also joining the third day’s practical workshops, ensuring a comprehensive skill and knowledge upgrade.

The Program – Sept 30 to Oct 2, 2024


  • AI Technology Unveiled
  • A Deep Dive into the AI Value Chain
  • VC Trends and Transformations


  • Strategic AI Investment: Industry Focus
  • Public Policies Regulating AI
  • Operational AI Integration in VC
  • Public Event with Panel Discussion


  • Workshop: Scouting Startups with AI
  • Workshop: Assessing the Potential of the Startup’s AI Technology
  • Workshop: Agility, Resilience, and Adaptability of the Startup to Regulatory Changes

This draft outlines potential topics, sessions, and workshops Swissnex in San Francisco can offer with local experts and investors, and will be tailor-made in collaboration with partners to ensure a personalized offering.

The deadline to apply is August 1, 2024.

Cost of the program 

The investment for the program is USD 3,900/person, for a minimum of 4 participants. Discounts are available for larger groups. Please contact Sharon Ambrosio, Ad Interim Head of Programs, for more information.

About Swissnex in San Francisco

Established in 2003, Swissnex in San Francisco has supported the journey of Swiss startups planning to expand to the US for the past 13 years. The 180 startups that have gone through Swissnex in San Francisco’s programs have collectively raised over $2.1 billion, and three of them are unicorns.

To support our program participants, we collaborate with experts working for industry giants like Microsoft, AWS, META, Apple, NVIDIA and Google, professors of world-renowned academic institutions like Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, and engage with key governmental entities like NASA.

Connect with us

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Sharon Ambrosio

Ad Interim Head of Programs
Swissnex in San Francisco

Get in touch with Sharon Ambrosio, Ad Interim Head of Programs at Swissnex in San Francisco, to get more information about the program: [email protected]