Four New Swissnex Fellows Focusing on Science Diplomacy

Part of the US-based National Science Policy Network’s “SciDEAL” Program, the four early-career scientists will work with Swissnex in fields such as quantum information science and technology.

August 11, 2022 | Boston & New York

Swissnex in Boston and New York has welcomed a new cohort of Swissnex Fellows to our Academic Engagement team. In collaboration with the National Science Policy Network (NSPN), Swissnex is hosting four early-career scientists from the Science Diplomacy Exchange and Learning (SciDEAL) Program.

For the next several months, these fellows will pursue their interest in science diplomacy by collaborating virtually with Swissnex on several projects, including a new Swiss-US quantum initiative. The fellows come to Swissnex with advanced training in biotechnology, civil engineering, public health, and environmental earth systems science. Together, their expertise will greatly enhance the capacity of Swissnex to deliver innovative programs to its Swiss and American stakeholders.

The SciDEAL program is designed to establish project collaborations between early-career scientists and science diplomacy institutions in the non-profit and government sectors. The fellows were selected and sponsored by the NSPN, a non-profit that supports science policy, advocacy, and diplomacy across the US. The organization provides a platform for resource sharing, training, and networking that can enable the next generation of scientists and engineers to become pivotal voices in policy making.

Meet the Swissnex Fellows

About the Swissnex Fellowship

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, Swissnex has been unlocking new innovative ways to bring its communities across the world closer together. To this end, we have launched the global Swissnex Fellowship for researchers and innovators based in Swissnex’s locations – a new way for our local communities to connect with Switzerland’s world-class education, research, and innovation ecosystem. Each Swissnex selects up to 10 Swissnex Fellows across sectors and disciplines. The Fellows will enjoy access to our networks, mentorship, and our coworking community spaces, with dedicated “Fellow Days” and collaborative programs.