Swiss-Osaka AI Innovation Exchange: Enhancing Product Development with AI



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Swissnex in Japan is proud to announce our upcoming event, "Swiss-Osaka AI Innovation Exchange: Enhancing Product Development with AI ", on 26 June 2023. Join us as we delve into a meaningful discussion about the application of generative AI to product developments.

We are delighted to host Zurich University of Applied Sciences sabbatical, Mr. Umut Demiriz, who will share his insights and research result during his stay. Alongside them, we have the privilege of welcoming esteemed Japanese experts Prof. Koichi Kise and Prof. Shoya Ishimaru from Osaka Metropolitan University. These experts will share their insight into both the current application of generative AI agents and future possibilities through cutting-edge research.

Event Program

  • 6:00pm – Welcome and opening remarks
  • 6:10pm – Presentations by speakers
  • 7:00pm – Panel discussion and Q&A session
  • 8:00pm – End of the event

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Presentation Topics

Operational efficiency and new possibilities through generative AI – By Prof. Koichi Kise

Building your own application using Large Language Models – By Dr. Shoya Ishimaru

Leverage Generative AI to enhance Product Innovation – By Mr. Umut Demiriz


Presented By

  • Swissnex in Japan
  • Zurich University of Applied Sciences