Future of Mindfulness

We are thrilled to announce the event "Future of Mindfulness" with the ZHAW sabbaticals Stefanie Neumann and Christoph Hoffmann, to be held on Friday, May 10. The event will explore how we can apply the concept of mindfulness to fostering leadership in this fast-changing society.

Building Resilient Leadership from Switzerland to Japan

Together with our sabbaticals, we are happy to invite Zenryu Kawakami from Shunko-in Temple in Kyoto, to give an overview of Japanese Zen culture and modern days. In addition, Shoukei Matsumoto will give a talk about “Long-term thinking: Why taking time to reflect is important for leadership?”. Shoukei Matsumoto has also joined this year's World Economic Forum.

After the input from our speakers, there will be a workshop to consider leadership in the work context. Here, you will have an opportunity to discuss your thoughts about leadership in English or Japanese.

The event will bring together experts from these diverse backgrounds, including businesspeople, researchers, and other professionals. Through engaging discussions, we will explore the relationship between mindfulness and leadership and how we can connect this to long-term thinking in the modern world.



  • 4:30pm – Doors Open
  • 5:00pm – Research and mindfulness from Swiss and Japanese perspectives - Stefanie Neumann and Christoph Hoffman
  • 5:20pm – Japanese Zen culture and modern days - Zenryu Kawakami
  • 5:40pm – Long-term thinking: Why is taking time to reflect important for leadership? - Shoukei Matsumoto
  • 6:00pm – Interactive workshop
  • 6:30pm – Networking reception

Event start time