Academia Industry Training

AIT is one of the most successful running partnerships between the Indian and the Swiss governments.

Explore how we bridge academia to industry and help researchers take the plunge into entrepreneurship, through this digital training camp in India and Switzerland.

Stay tuned for the India Camp from 15-18 November 2021 and Swiss Camp from 6-9 December 2021.

Check out the AIT 2021 edition Check out the AIT 2021 edition

The AIT Camp is for...

Swiss and Indian researchers who are passionate about pursuing entrepreneurship.

How do researchers benefit from it?

Knowledge Sessions: Sessions on market-strategy, patent-strategy, introduction to the Indian market, and more

Pitches: Refining pitches by the participants with expert feedback

One-to-one Connects: Ample opportunities to connect with domain-specific mentors, VCs, corporate R&D and business development heads

Hear it from...

Mauro Moruzzi

Former Head of International Relations / State Secretariat for Education,​ ​Research and Innovation, Switzerland

The AIT programme gives “scientrepreneurs” the opportunity to test their ideas in an international context at a very early stage.
PC: Swissnex
PC: Swissnex