VR Villa at West Bund Reveals the Next Chapter in the Evolution of VR

World VR Forum (WVRF) takes VR out of the technology scene and shows the power of Virtual Reality as accessible and quality entertainment media.

VR Villa at West Bund Reveals the Next Chapter in the Evolution of VR

Swissnex in China is supporting World VR Forum (WVRF) in organizing an amazing Virtual Reality event at West Bund, Shanghai, in collaboration with Pro Helvetia Shanghai. WVRF takes VR out of the technology scene and shows the power of Virtual Reality as accessible and quality entertainment media.  The well-curated show brings world-class of works of art to the daily lives of Shanghainese from 1st to 15th October 2017.

Grand Opening

The media preview and grand opening of this event is on 30th September 2017. It is an honor to invite Chinese media, VR players and featured artists to join this incredible ceremony.

Public & Professional Week

The event to the public is between 1st and 15th October 2017 from 10am to 5pm every day. Professional week is between 9th to 15th October 2017, featuring events with VR industrial partners.



There will be four VR installations, one Gaming Zone, one VR Cinema in this event and public workshops and talks.

This event is supported by Swissnex in China, Pro Helvetia Shanghai and  Swiss Arts Council.

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For further event queries, please contact: Salar Shahna, Curator, CEO of World VR Forum [email protected]

+41 79 2397088

+86 132 626 79187

Wechat: WVRFswitzerland


About World VR Forum (#WVRF)


WVRF is a non-profit organization, dedicated to advancing Virtual and Augmented Reality throughout Switzerland and the world by annually hosting a VR/AR Summit and collaborating with other organizations on VR/AR related events throughout the year.


About Pro Helvetia Shanghai


Wechat: pro_helvetia, Weibo: 瑞士文化基金会

Pro Helvetia is dedicated to the promotion of contemporary cultural works of national and international interest. It also fosters co-productions or exchanges between Swiss artists and artists from other countries, in particular from countries where Pro Helvetia has a regional office.

Pro Helvetia Shanghai is the youngest of nine offices that now represents the Swiss Arts Council in mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. Its aim is to encourage dialogue between Swiss and Chinese cultural practitioners and institutions by supporting projects that enhance the exchange of knowledge and experience in the cultural field.