Healthy Longevity Lessons from Japan and Switzerland



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  • 18 September 2024 — 19 September 2024 Switzerland 18 Wednesday Switzerland

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  • 15 October 2024 — 17 October 2024 Switzerland 15 Tuesday Switzerland


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In an era where longevity is increasingly common, Japan and Switzerland stand out as leaders in life expectancy, ranking 3rd and 6th, respectively, with an average life span exceeding 83 years (World Bank, 2022). Both countries attribute their high life expectancy to active lifestyles characterized by many outdoor activities and robust healthcare systems, emphasizing preventive care, regular screenings, and advanced treatments.

As our global population ages, we face numerous societal challenges. These include the strain on healthcare systems, pressures on pension and retirement schemes, a shrinking working-age population, and the need for accessible housing, transportation, and community facilities. Additionally, the protection of older adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation, the creation of age-friendly communities, and the prevention of digital isolation and ageism are critical issues that must be addressed.

This event will unite experts, researchers, and various stakeholders from Japan and Switzerland to delve into the secrets and challenges of healthy longevity by examining how both cultures approach health, wellness, and aging, uncovering similarities and unique strategies. Through captivating presentations and an engaging panel discussion the speakers will seek to answer three key questions: What do we know? What does it mean? What can be done?


Tuesday, 17 September, 2024

17:45   Doors Open

18:00   Welcome Remarks | Chargé d’Affaires a.i. Switzerland, Mr. David Braun (TBC)

18:05   TITLE | Dr. med. Hans Groth

18:20   TITLE | Prof. Yasuko Akutsu

18:35   TITLE | Prof. Thomas Zeltner

18:50   Panel Discussion moderated by Dr. Florian Kohlbacher

19:25   Closing Remarks | Head of Science & Technology Office Tokyo, Ms. Kyoko Marumo Suzuki (TBC)

– 21:00   Networking





This event is part of the Swiss Vitality Days!

As part of the 160th anniversary celebrations, the Swiss Vitality Days 2024 aim to engage multiple Swiss and Japanese stakeholders. This special platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange will take place from mid-September to end of October 2024. The assortment of events will explore the concept of Vitality from various angles, including research, academia, business, governance, economy, finance, culture, and the arts.

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