swissnex Dome at Swiss Innovation Week

The Swissnex Dome at Swiss Innovation Week is a full-dome structure that allows a 360° spatialization of images and sounds, taking the audience on a fully immersive and unique experience.

The Swissnex Dome is a full-dome structure that allows a 360° spatialization of images and sounds, taking the audience on a fully immersive and unique experience. It will be a spectacular centerpiece of Swiss Innovation Week 2018, to be held at the Embassy of Switzerland in China, where we will present two selected films from Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF), four works of students from College of Art and Media, Tongji University, and the latest masterpiece of renowned Swiss film director Prof. Juerg Neuenschwander, fully taking advantage of the structure’s unique spatial dimension.



We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minute before the screening time at the entrance of the Embassy of Switzerland. One of our staff members will be present to guide you to the venue. Please make sure that you bring an official identification document (passport / Chinese national ID card) with you.

Choose from one of the timeslots below to register:

Wednesday July 4, 2018

15:00 – 16:30  |  20:00 – 21:00

Thursday July 5, 2018

16:00 – 17:00  |  18:15 – 19:15  |  20:00 – 21:00

Please refer to the Screening Schedule below for the full program.


Selected Works

Apoptose is an immersive animated short movie about life, death, and the relation of scale between chaos and perfection. The name refers to the process by which cells trigger their self destruction in response to a signal. This is one of the possible pathways of cell death which is necessary for the survival of multicellular organisms. The project, a collaboration between Sophie Le Meillour and Fabrice Starzinskas, results from an experimentation aiming to blend Sophie’s hand drawn universe and Fabrice creative technology research. It features an original soundtrack by Juan Pablo Espinoza & Hervé Moire and was awarded by Swissnex Boston and Geneva International Film Festival (GIFF).

Les lendemains d’hier is a short film that explores antiquated visions of the future, with imaginary 3D worlds populated by vestiges out of retro science-fiction. It travels through rubble and ruins; a landscape of missed utopias. Directed by Benjamin Muzzin and music by Opuswerk/Hendrik van Boetzelaer.

Remains, episode 01, is an immersive 360° AR-video work by Juerg Neuenschwander. It is a poetic work challenges the audience, offering a deep experience by immersing the viewer into a personal, panoramic 360° relationship between human and nature. Panoramas of magnificent landscapes are superimposed by dancers transforming into their body movements the decline of the landscapes from the glacier covered mountains to a vast sand desert. The sound track is guiding the viewer’s eyes. Water reservoirs are disappearing, what remains is a still beautiful, but a parched and misanthropic living environment.

Two of the four movies provided by College of Art and Media, Tongji University, Blue and Nightmare were awarded on the Jena FullDome Festival. ShanJu shows the four seasons with combination of traditional Chinese elements like ink painting and poem. Samara presents the process of budding, growth, evolution, annihilation, and nirvana. The movies were done by master and bachelor students under the supervision of Prof. Zhejun Liu.

Dome support: Fulldome.Pro

Our special thanks to Swissnex in Boston for their close collaboration and support for this project.