SwissGames US Game Week

SwissGames at the US Game Industry Week

A week-long virtual program in the US for Swiss game studios.

SwissGames at the US Game Industry Week

A week-long virtual program for promising Swiss game studios selected in the SwissGames Delegation to develop mindsets, skill sets, and networks in the US.

During the US Game Industry Week, 11 promising Swiss game studios will join Swissnex in San Francisco for a virtual program to develop their mindsets, skill sets, and networks in the US prior to participating in GDC online, the digital version of the leading industry trade fair event for promotion, networking and matchmaking.


The week will consist of workshops, training sessions, virtual events, and one-on-one business development, including:

Pitching for Game Studios

Knowledge about the US Gaming Industry

Business Development, Growth Hacking and Fundraising

Legal Framework for Game Developers

Learning from successful Swiss Peers

Inclusivity in the Game World

Participating Studios for US Game Industry Week


Game: Untitled Mecha Game (previously Box Game) | Action Sandbox | PC / Mac / Nintendo Switch

Steer your walking-fortress through the bandit-ridden forests. Build, combine and extend the Mecha with various weapons and strange items. Gather your crew, face mean enemies and fight mighty, completely generated Mechas in this colorful Rogue-Like game.

Nicolas Hafner

Game: Kandria | Hack’n’Slash / Action RPG | PC

Kandria is a hack and slash, puzzle platforming game set in a broken down, post-apocalyptic desert.

You play a lone android, who must help a struggling settlement survive. Travel far and wide, taking on missions for whomever you choose – explore the ruined surface, scale steep cliffs, or venture deep below ground to gather supplies and long-buried relics. Show off your combat skills by slashing your way through any opposition in a flurry of extravagant sword moves. As an android there is no limit to where you can go or what you can do.

As the story unfolds you’ll get to know the flawed and diverse characters of the settlement that rescued you. But are they really your friends, or are you just their tool? On your travels you must determine who is truly friend or foe, and recruit what allies you can – because the end is coming.


Game: Grimoire Groves | Roguelite/ Adventure/ Diversity | PC / Nintendo Switch

Stardust is a casual mobile game about a star which fell down from the sky. I made this game when I was studying game design as a collaboration with Samsung Switzerland.

Echtzeit GmbH

Game: Whoop Arcade | Action / Racing | PC / VR

Maneuvering powerful racing drones through air-gates assembling various tracks in racing mode and competing in shoot-em-up battle-modes making use of all three dimensions in space offered by the environment, players need fast reactions.

Stray Fawn Studio | City Building / Survival / Simulation | PC / Console

Game: The Wandering Village

In a world where mysterious plants are spreading all over the earth, emitting toxic spores as they grow, a group of people seeks shelter on the back of a giant, wandering creature. Becoming their leader, players build both their settlement and a symbiotic relationship with the gentle beast to survive together in this hostile, yet beautiful post-apocalyptic world that now surrounds them.

Caustique Games

Game: Team: Cars | Racing / Co-op | PC

Team:Cars is a 2 team 30 people online multiplayer racing & car combat game with stylized low poly visuals & detailed physics and audio simulation. Collectible cars equipped with guns and abilities battling in 15 minute matches, focusing on team tactics and emergent gameplay in lovely chaotic encounters.

Lukyantsev Company

Game: Wild Planet | Atmospheric / Survival | PC / Console

Explore and survive on an alien planet with your friends by building, crafting, hunting. Be part of the community and join the effort together to discover the secrets and leave your mark in the world to stand the test of time. All while the environment changes around you. Set on an ever changing world shaped by players’ actions, you have the immense power to leave a mark on the environment while it evolves with you and challenges you to adapt to it. The universe will develop by itself and players will have a part in its shaping and unfolding. Players will have the ability to join the effort by building huge monuments that will require the collaborative effort from everyone to be able to be completed. If the player goes offline, things will keep going on in the world, for example if the player planted some crops and goes offline the next day once the game synchronises with the server the crops will grow and he might be able to come and harvest them right away. There might be a Log telling the players what might have happened during the time he was away. The player always gets surprised when he comes back in the game, it’s never exactly how he left it. The players will also be confronted by unpredictable hand crafted events which will uncover the different paths for the story and lead them through in-game narratives using the strengths of the medium without reliance on cut-scenes.

Lakeview Games

Game: Pool Party | Party / Casual | Steam / Nintendo Switch

Pool Party is a fast-paced fighting party game for you to enjoy with friends (2-6 players). It’s a fun cross-over of the fighting game genre and Pool in a joyful universe. Thanks to the numerous combinations of power-ups, players confront each other using an exciting blend of strategy and skill. So get your bathing suit and hop on this adventure in Pool Party !


Game: Return to Nangrim | Fantasy / Adventure | Oculus / PSVR

The first installment of the Arafinn Universe will be called ‘Return to Nangrim’ and centers around the story and the legacy of the almost forgotten nation of the Stonebeards who used to live in the inhospitable realms of the Nimbor Mountains.

Return to Nangrim is a first-person fantasy game which involves exploration, research, puzzle solving and defense strategies in order to unveil the secrets and story of Nangrim.

Procedurally generated content and puzzles guarantee a different gaming experience for each and every player. Although the focus is not on fighting, the player should be prepared to defend himself against the dangers that are lurking in the shadows. To successfully survive in the countless halls of Nangrim the protagonist must fall back on the ancient knowledge of the Stonebeards. Concealed in numberless books the Stonebeards‘ wisdom is waiting for the player to be discovered.

Patch XR

Game: Patchworld | Music / Co-op | Oculus / HTC Vive

PatchXR is a Swiss company formed by an international coalition of creative developers who are passionate about music and Virtual Reality (VR). They are working on a music creation game called PatchWorld that allows players to create instruments, play fantastic music world and collaborate with others. 

Violet Saint

Game: Moroi | Hack’n’Slash / Adventure / Puzzle | PC

Moroi is a top-down surreal horror hack’n’slash with Adventure elements, dark humor, Weapon Crafting and a heavy focus on story and dialogue.