Swiss-Korean Life Science Symposium 2021

This webinar consists of three parallel sessions.
Choose your preferred topic and join the discussion.

Parallel Sessions

1. Assistive Technologies for Ageing Society

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the fragility of health and social care systems worldwide, particularly for marginalized groups, such as individuals with disabilities and older people, including those living in long-term care facilities. COVID-19 has revealed home-based wellness and health-care programs. In particular, rehabilitative and assistive care have the potential to decrease costs and make effective interventions more accessible for all.

In addition, from physically-assistive robots to companion robots, people’s expectations are changing and, with that, so are their willingness to engage in new modes of therapy and living.

The speakers and panel discussion will answer the following questions:

  • What is the current status of the technology and regulation leading the assistive technology for ageing society?
  • What are the development and revitalization strategies for senior-friendly high-tech medical device in both countries?
  • Is there open innovation plan for companies in the field of senior-friendly high-tech medical devices?


  • Olivier Lambercy, Director (ad interim), Rehabilitation Engineering Lab ETH
  • Sang-Hun Lee, Director of R&D Center, Curexo
  • Jaesoon Choi, Associate Professor, Asan Medical Center


  • Amy Wilson, CEO, Clever.Care


2. Cell and Gene Therapy

During the COVID-19 outbreak, the entire healthcare ecosystem has learned the importance of collaboration in a pandemic. The resilience and agility of the entire world has delivered solutions and responses at an unprecedented speed. If multiple vaccines can be developed, tested and approved in less than one year, they can possibly bend the curve on the average of 12-15 years, which currently lasts for treating patients.

Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT), an innovation shifting the paradigm in treatment, requires to create an ecosystem to solve together a number of unprecedented complexities in terms of diagnosis, treatment, care and payment.

The speakers and panel discussion will answer the following questions:

  • What is the current development of CGT and its ecosystem in Switzerland and Korea?
  • What issues are to be tackled towards this innovation?
  • How to collaborate among various stakeholders in the healthcare system to create an ecosystem in CGT?


  • Shayesteh Fürst-Ladani, CEO & Founder, Solutions for Lifesciences
  • So Ra Park, Chair and Founder, Regenerative Medicine Acceleration Foundation
  • Maximillien Murone, CEO & Co-founder, Avrion Tx


  • Orlando D. Schärer, Associated Director, Center for Genomic Integrity (CGI), Institute for Basic Science (IBS), UNIST



3. Digital Health

COVID-19 has accelerated innovation in digital health thanks to the growing interests of pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and health-tech companies. Venture funding for digital health start-ups has dramatically increased. During the pandemic, the regulatory environment has also warmed up digital therapeutics to be approved as treatments and diagnostics worldwide.

The speakers and panel discussion will answer the following questions:

  • How did COVID-19 accelerate digital health in both countries and beyond?
  • How could traditional industry such as pharmaceutical companies create value by collaborating with players from other sectors?
  • What partnerships have they been building and which ones do they foresee to create synergy and an ecosystem in digital health?


  • Célia Oculi, Personalized Healthcare Lead, Roche Belgium
  • Christian Teo, Head, Novartis Biome Singapore
  • Edward Yoonjae Choi, Professor, Graduate School of AI, KAIST


  • Mario Garcia-Lee, CEO& Program Lead, Lighting Up Ventures



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