Photography: The Chameleon Medium Shaped by Technologies

Science, Photography and Future Image, Artistic Talk Series I

From documenting the development of human technology to participating in the innovation of artificial intelligence, photography, as the origin of technology, has a close and complex relationship with technology. The exhibition “Between the Mountains, Hills and Lakes” in Shanghai will feature a series of forums and lectures on the theme of “Technology, Photography and Future Images”.

“The Artistic Talk Series I” invited Catherine Leutenegger to share her understanding photography in the age of digital revolution. From her early work on Kodak City to New Artificiality to Beauty of Science, completed in 2018, Leutenegger’s work has always revolved around the impact of technology on human life and has expanded the definition and display of photography as the project has evolved.

As she puts “I think we live in a very unique and exciting moment in the history of photography. The medium is becoming more complex to define. Through the digital revolution, the horizons and possibilities keep on expanding. New languages and aesthetics will emerge from technologies. Yet the durability of virtuality is a question to keep in mind to ensure a trace or heritage for the future generations.”


16:30-16:40              Welcome & Introduction

(Yining He – Curator of “Between the Mountains, Hills and Lakes”)


16:40-17:30              Photography: The Chameleon Medium Shaped by Technologies *with consecutive interpretation

(Catherine Leutenegger – Visual Artist)


17:30-18:00             Discussion, Q&A


“Between the Mountains, Hills and Lakes” is initiated by Pro Helvetia, the exhibition in Shanghai is hosted by Modern Art Base and co-hosted by Swissnex in China.