Hardware Horizons

A Startup Program to Empower Your Hardware Innovation and Global Supply Chain Strategy

Are you looking to develop a global supply chain strategy? Are you seeking effective solutions to advance your hardware manufacturing? Do you want to learn about the opportunities and challenges of sourcing, prototyping, and manufacturing in China? If so, it’s time to join Hardware Horizons, an initiative by Swissnex in China to strengthen Swiss startups’ strategic decisions on hardware sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain management.

During May and June, 2024, this hybrid program will offer in-person and online sessions for a comprehensive journey into China’s hardware industry that includes strategic workshops, expert guidance by industry leaders, visits to manufacturing facilities, and curated matchmaking sessions. Deepen your understanding of the Chinese manufacturing landscape, foster connections with reliable suppliers and potential partners and equip yourself with the decision-making prowess required to scale your productions efficiently and sustainably in China.

Unlock the full potential of your hardware venture and push the boundaries of hardware innovation!

Why China?

China represents nearly 30% of global manufacturing output. It has not only consolidated its position in hardware innovation, but also reshaped the landscape of global supply chains. The southern metropolis Shenzhen, for example, offers a uniquely integrated manufacturing ecosystem with a skilled workforce, and streamlined supply chains that get products to market at a very fast rate. This presents Swiss startups with new opportunities for streamlined production, efficient sourcing, quick customer feedback and cost reduction.

In recent years, green manufacturing has become a focus in this sector, responding to global demands for more sustainable practices. Driven by national decarbonization objectives, green supply chains are being established, from product design to recycling. To achieve this, China is seeking the development of innovative and intelligent manufacturing technologies – from the internet of things to 3D printing – to transform companies’ operations and business models in a responsible way.

What can you expect?

  • Comprehensive support with online modules and resources
  • Interactive and immersive learning experience through seminars, workshops, site visits and one-on-one exchanges
  • Tailor-made matchmaking sessions with potential partners
  • Expert guidance to develop or upgrade sourcing and manufacturing plans
  • Post-program mentorship opportunities and online community for ongoing guidance

Program overview

22 May: Webinar session

  • 3:00pm – IP Protection Roadmap for Swiss Startups in China

13 June: Success Stories & Masterminds

  • 3:00pm – Learn from practical examples and actionable strategies from fellow Swiss startup pioneers

Next sessions to be announced soon

Event start time

Who can apply?

This program is recommended for pre-A series tech startups in the hardware sector, including but not limited to IoT, AI powered solutions, Medtech, Automation and Robotics.


Cost for startups: 1800 CHF

  • Logistics, transportation and accommodation in China
  • All services mentioned above
  • Startups are expected to pay a non-refundable deposit of 200 CHF to secure the spot


Additional Support

(optional but highly recommended):

Innosuisse China Camp:

  • Extended support by Swissnex and a stipend of CHF 3.000 (Market Validation) or CHF 6.000 (Market Entry)
  • Separate and independent application process and admission by Innosuisse


Felicia Wang

Startup Manager, Swissnex in China

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Startup Manager, Felicia Wang!

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