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  • 18 May 2024 — 17 September 2024 China 18 Saturday China

    Cosmos Archaeology 宇宙考古

    Cosmos Archaeology, Exploring the Universe through Art and Science: Swissnex in China Collaborates on a Captivating New Exhibition Blending Art and Science

  • 22 May 2024 — 13 June 2024 China 22 Wednesday China

    Hardware Horizons

    A Startup Program to Empower Your Hardware Innovation and Global Supply Chain Strategy

  • 13 June 2024 Japan 13 Thursday Japan

    nexCafé #8: Tinguely Entangled

    Art-science talk on “Tinguely Entangled,” a visionary performance designed by Swiss pianist Lukas Loss, in collaboration with scientist Dr. Henry Legg from the National Center of Competence in Research (NCCR) SPIN: Spin Qubits in Silicon, based in the University of Basel, along with contributions from physicists Arianna Nigro, Rafael S. Eggli, Valerii Kozin, and Jung-Ching Liu.

  • 25 June 2024 — 27 June 2024 Switzerland 25 Tuesday Switzerland

    Future Labs LIVE 2024

    Join our partner's event, the Future Labs Live 2024 at Basel.

  • 19 August 2024 — 30 August 2024 San Francisco 19 Monday San Francisco
    Photo: Felicia KieselhorstPhoto: Felicia Kieselhorst
    Impact Sabbatical

    Impact Sabbatical Program Summer 2024: AI, Data & the Digital Space

    Swiss researchers, professors, and lecturers can participate in a 2-8 week Impact Sabbatical in the winter, spring or summer of 2024.

  • 19 August 2024 — 30 August 2024 Switzerland + San Francisco (USA) 19 Monday Switzerland + San Francisco (USA)

    Swissnex Bridge | Silicon Valley Immersion Program

    A program specifically tailored for Swiss entrepreneurs looking to immerse themselves in the Silicon Valley ecosystem.