Interdisciplinary Projects

Interdisciplinary study allows for synthesis of ideas and the synthesis of characteristics from many disciplines. It provides a window for questions.

Martin Heidegger once said, “what characterizes an artwork is that in it a world and an earth are revealed whereas ordinary things do not, for the most part, yield such disclosure” (1990, Singh, R. Raj). Artwork is unique and significant precisely because it opens up reality to unparalleled possibilities. Technology on the other hand reveals the world as raw material, capable for production and manipulation.

Art and technology, Artificial Intelligence and singularity, paradigm shifts and world crisis, in this faster than ever world, we ought to stay informed and stay skeptical in order to dwell in this “advanced” reality.

Therefore, at Swissnex in China, we would love to see, support, and participate in more interdisciplinary projects.

Some of our past projects are listed below.