The Swiss Startup Delegation arrived in Dalian for the World Economic Forum New Champions Meeting

The «Summer WEF» in Dalian is also known as the Annual Meeting of the New Champions. Swissnex in China attended with Wasteflow and Beyond Genomix, the Innosuisse delegation, alongside the WEF Tech Pioneers including Goodwall, Open Mineral, and Climeworks. The Swiss innovators attended this year’s edition to contribute to shaping important global discussions.

This event brings together over 1,500 leaders from business, government, civil society, and international organizations, as well as prominent entrepreneurs, innovators, and academics. It aims to gather the latest insights on economic and industrial trends, engage in peer-to-peer discussions with decision-makers, and drive impact on key issues through ongoing World Economic Forum initiatives. Hosted in Asia, a region that drives two-thirds of all global economic expansion, it seeks to foster collaboration and sustain positive economic growth.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum