Swissnex in China Anniversary: 15 Years of Building Bridges and Igniting Ideas

It has been 15 years since Swissnex in China started connecting Switzerland and China in education, research and innovation, fostering collaboration and partnerships across borders and disciplines. To mark the occasion we would like to share 15 moments from our recent history that have enriched our journey.

15 years with startups

China’s startup ecosystem offers plenty of interesting opportunities. Our programs ensure that Swiss startups can grow their businesses and make meaningful connections.

15 years with Corporates

We helped Swiss corporates dive into the China innovation ecosystem and find collaborations, projects & fresh ideas.

15 years with Academia

For 15 years, we played an active role in connecting Swiss universities, researchers and academics, fostering the exchange of knowledge, talent, and ideas.

15 years with Interdisciplinary Projects

Let us revisit another moment from our journey as we delve into the realm where the arts meet education, research, and technology. Check out the behind-the-scenes stories of our collaborations, exhibitions, and the magic that happens when creativity and science intertwine.

15 years with People at our heart

From startups, corporates, artists, scientists, to researchers and professors, we continue to celebrate our collaborations with the incredible people and institutions that propel us forward. People lie at the heart of Swissnex, and we would like to put a spotlight on our dynamic Swissnex in China community.