#WorkingTomorrow: Visions of the Future

School children in the US, Switzerland, and China draw out their future jobs in 2040, and 10 creative drawings from Chinese students show incredible imagination

In the drawing competition jointly held by Swissnex in Boston and Swissnex in China, students in China, U.S. and Switzerland were asked to picture their future job: “Imagine yourself in the year 2040. If your dream job doesn’t exist, try to imagine it. Show us what it will look like 20 years from now.” Within less than one month, Swissnex in China has received large numbers of drawings from Chinese talented students with TEN best drawings standing out. Let’s now enjoy their great imagination and creativity!

And appreciation goes to the great support from:

• Mr. Shenghang He, IG7-1 and IG7-2 art class at Changshu International School

• Ms. Yan Chun, Mr. Xingguo Zhu, and Ms. Chunning Guo, art class at the Chunyan Art Studio

In the end, the first FIVE outstanding drawings listed as followings have been selected and showcased together with the other drawings from U.S. and Switzerland on the webpage as part of Swissnex’s 20thanniversary campaign nex20

Top 5 of China (​The following drawings are not in particular order)

Ashley Hao Ding, 13, Shanghai/Chantilly, VA – “Cyber Detective” In the year of 2040, I will be a cyber detective – a detective that fights all different kinds of online crimes. More and more crimes are committed online, as our society becomes increasingly digitalized. Therefore, I want to be able to fight crime-online!

Charlize Wolters, 13, Suzhou – “Ambassador of the Forest” They are like angels. Their mission is to immerse themselves into the forest.

Shuhan Zhang, 11, Beijing – “A Bite of the Galaxy” In 2040 I am a gourmet working on a food guide called A Bite of the Galaxy. To get to know all the good food over the universe, I am interviewing an alien friend. Do you want to taste their food?

Yutong Li, 11, Beijing – “2040 Gene Engineer” 2040 work journal: I am a gene engineer. We can communicate better through genes. Genes of animals and plants together create beautiful paintings and symphonise. Can you understand them?

Ziyi Xue, 10, Beijing – “My Dream Job is to be a Dream Creator” This is a dream I create for myself in 2040, in which I become a painter and go into one of my own paintings. In this dream I am not bounded by rules in reality and I can just paint without worry. If you need a beautiful dream, please contact me.

Other Top 10 of China (​The following drawings are not in particular order)

Yicheng Wang, 13, Changshu – “Revival Land of Extinct Animals” Saber-toothed cats, dodo birds, dinosaurs… In 2040 I want to be a biologist, using advanced DNA technology to revive extinct animals. I wish human and animals can live harmoniously together.

Ziyue Zhao, 11, Beijing – “Technology to Create Our Future – I am an AI Engineer” In 2040, I will be an AI engineer. The AI I create has a very intricate inner structure. It can help human with many difficult tasks that are impossible for human to complete themselves.

Zihan Rui, 12, Beijing – “Future of Café” I open up this Café called “Mix” where aliens are also costumers. The Café serves desserts and coffee that cater to the taste of both human and aliens. It is a place where different languages, cultures, and thoughts meet.

Zhenghang Song, 9, Hefei – “Longevity Machine” I hope in the future in 2040, we can use this Longevity Machine so that everyone in the world can be healthy, happy, and live a long life.

Mengze Li, 10, Beijing – “Future Designer” People can live harmoniously with insects and they can also draw inspirations from insects.

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