Virtual Mobility: Initiatives and best practices for worldwide virtual mobility

Digital education offers unique opportunities for lesser privileged people. This webinar explores how it can be implemented to benefit everybody.

The advent of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) has brought about a veritable revolution in educational programs. No longer does one have to show up at a specific place during a specific time to benefit from high-quality education. Online learning platforms such as Coursera and Skillshare provide an affordable source of knowledge to anybody with an internet connection, enabling its participants to gain access to specialized knowledge right away without having to sit through years of expensive formal education.

Not least of all, digital education brings together people with all sorts of backgrounds and allows for an exchange of perspectives in the spirit of diversity and inclusion. Having said that, the world has just entered this new phase of education and – pushed by the pandemic – often merely transposed the old face-to-face educational model to a virtual setting. Many of the unique possibilities digital platforms have to offer still remain to be discovered and taken advantage of.

This webinar – organized by oikos International and Swissnex in Brazil, enabled by Movetia and in collaboration with Swissnex in China – will explore current and future initiatives fostering virtual mobility. Featuring movers and shakers from Brazil, China and Europe, it will zoom in on the questions of digital inclusion and intercontinental accreditation. The various participants, among them representatives of non-formal education institutions, will introduce themselves and discuss these timely topics in focus groups.

Event Rundown

20:00-20:05                Introduction


20:05-20:55                 Current and future initiatives on Digital Mobility

All speakers will give a brief introduction of their relevant projects and initiatives.


20:55-21:10                 Focus Discussion: Digital Inclusion 


21:10-21:20                  Focus Discussion: Intercontinental Accreditation


21:20-21:40                 Q&A


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