Transformations in Healthcare: Service Excellence & Innovation



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In today’s experience economy, service has become one of the key differentiators for the highly-competitive healthcare industry. Patients are more likely to choose healthcare providers that have a reputation for providing exceptional care and a positive, individualized patient experience. What strategies can healthcare providers implement to enable a service-driven mindset? How can they accelerate their transformation with disruptive business models and new technologies?

Join this expert workshop co-organized by Swissnex and EHL to discover the latest service innovation trends and best practices that are shaping the healthcare industry from thought leaders across academia and industry. Take the opportunity to meet and network with your peers to exchange ideas on novel solutions to address common challenges.



18.30 – 19.00     Registration


19.00 – 19.05     Opening Remarks

Philippe Roesle, CEO & Consul, Swissnex in China

Guanlu Feng, Director of China, EHL Advisory Services


19.05 – 19.15

Stéphane Haddad, Associate Dean, Executive Education Programs, EHL


19.15 – 19.25

Xiaodong Wang, Founder, Freya Health


19.25 – 19.35

Hongjie Wang, Chairman, Shandong H&C Property Management (With Chinese-English interpretation)


19.35 – 20.00      Panel Discussion & Q&A

Stéphane Haddad, EHL

Xiaodong Wang, Freya Health

Hongjie Wang, Shandong H&C Property Management (With Chinese-English interpretation)

Moderated by Danli Zhou, Swissnex in China


20.00 – 21.00     Networking reception