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  • October 30, 2023 — November 3, 2023 30 Monday
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    Swissnex Lab: Renewable Energy China

    Apply for the 5-day workshop and gain a comprehensive understanding of China's renewable energy landscape. Experts from industry and academia will lead interactive activities to facilitate idea exchange and map pathways for research and business collaboration. You will also have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest innovations, regulatory frameworks, financing models, and international collaboration.

China has established itself as the global leader in renewable energy production, including hydroelectricity, solar power, and wind power, as well as the construction of ultra-high voltage power lines crucial to a greener future. To reach carbon neutrality by 2060, China plans to accelerate the development of a new energy system and actively participate in global governance against climate change. The country’s high-speed technological development and immense scale offer exciting opportunities for the renewable energy sector.

The 5-day workshop aims to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of China’s renewable energy landscape, covering the latest technological innovations, regulatory frameworks, financing models, and opportunities and challenges for international collaboration. Through interactive activities like presentations, case studies, and group exercises, participants can engage with experts from industry and academia, exchange ideas, and map pathways for research and business collaboration. The workshop also offers follow-up support to facilitate valuable connections and partnerships.

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Date: October 30 – November 3, 8:30 am – 11:00 am (Switzerland Time)

Venue: Zoom meeting hosted by Swissnex in China


Day 1 (Oct 30, Monday): Overview of Renewable Energy in China

  • Introduction of the Workshop and Participants
  • China’s Renewable Energy Landscape: Targets and Policies
  • Key Renewable Energy Technologies in China: Wind, Solar, Hydropower, Bioenergy and Green Hydrogen
  • Regulatory Framework Overview: National and Local Policies and Incentives
  • Key Players in China’s Renewable Energy Industry: Government Agencies, State-owned Enterprises, and Private Companies
  • Q&A Session


Day 2 (Oct 31, Tuesday): Technology and Innovation in Renewable Energy

  • Latest Developments in China: Advanced Wind Turbines, High-efficiency Solar Panels, and Energy Storage Solutions
  • Case Studies: Innovative Renewable Energy Projects with New Business Models and Partnerships
  • Discussion: Innovation and Technology’s Role in Driving Renewable Energy Growth; Opportunities and Challenges – Scalability, Cost-effectiveness, and Environmental Impacts
  • Group Exercise: Personal Experience Sharing; Ideas for Future Innovation


Day 3 (Nov 1, Wednesday): Opportunities and Challenges for International Collaboration

  • Opportunities for International Collaboration: Technology Transfer, Joint Ventures, and Research Collaborations
  • Challenges and Risks of International Collaboration: Regulatory Barriers, Intellectual Property, and Cultural Differences
  • Case Studies: Successful International Collaborations in China’s Renewable Energy Industry
  • Group exercise: Potential Collaboration Opportunities between Swiss and Chinese Stakeholders


Day 4 (Nov 2, Thursday): Communications and Public Engagement

  • The Importance of Effective Communications and Public Engagement in the Renewable Energy Industry – Media and Social Media in Shaping Public Perceptions
  • Case Studies: Successful Public Engagement Campaigns in Renewable Energy Industry
  • Group Exercise: Public Engagement in the Renewable Energy Industry; Ideas for Effective Communication Strategies


Day 5 (Nov 3, Friday): Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations in Renewable Energy Research and Application

  • Benefits and Challenges of Cross-disciplinary Collaborations: Insights from Successful Collaborations in China
  • Opportunities for Cross-disciplinary Collaborations among Participants in Engineering, Environmental Science, Business, and Other Fields
  • Group Exercise: Potential Cross-disciplinary Collaborations in Specific Areas of Renewable Energy Research



  • Conclusion & Key Takeaways
  • Q&A session


If you have any further inquiries, please contact Libing Gu – Head of Academic Relations: [email protected].

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