The Rise of Mass-scale Digital Education: Sino-Swiss Perspectives

In this webinar speakers will introduce us to the future of education – a future increasingly shifting from offline to online.

As the digital economy is reshaping our reality what used to be offline increasingly shifts to the realm of bytes and bits. Even education – commonly associated with brick-and-mortar facilities and picturesque sprawling campuses – is being affected by this trend. Fueled by a growing online population and a hyper-competitive education system, digital education is on the rise and bound to become even more important in the future. Be it AI-powered apps correcting the English pronunciation of its users or cloud-based classrooms hosting millions of Chinese kids during the outbreak of COVID-19, digital education comes in many forms and is very much a reality already.

In this webinar – which could itself be considered digital education – we take a deep dive into this topic and explore its implications from a Swiss as well as Chinese perspective. Dr. Patrick Jermann, director of the Center for Digital Education at EPFL, will talk about “Campus Analytics: Mapping MOOC Data to On-Campus Education”. MOOC is short for Massive Open Online Courses. As implied in the name, these courses are characterized by being open and accessible to anybody with an internet connection. They not only provide participants with filmed lectures, but also allow for some degree of interaction, for example in associated forums or via social media. A noted expert when it comes to actually creating such courses, Dr. Jermann will explore the implications of MOOC for traditional offline lectures.

Prof. Yongkang Su of Shanghai Jiao Tong University will talk about the phenomenon of Massive Open Online Courses from a Chinese perspective. Prof. Su is the Director of the popular CNMOOC platform, which is geared towards university education and operates more than 500 online courses. Blending digital education with traditional teaching methods it puts forward the so called “MOOC + SPOC + local teacher” model to promote teaching reform in universities. His presentation “A New Era for Online Education in China” will discuss the seminal shifts occurring in the education sector and highlight its potential for the future.

The webinar will be moderated by Dr. Garif Yalak, a distinguished expert in digital education. As the Head of Digital Transformation Healthcare and Education, Country Digital Acceleration Switzerland, he collaborates with international teams to develop business opportunities in the field of healthcare and education and he helps customers to implement long-term digitization strategies.

Event Rundown

16:00                           Webinar Starts


16:00-16:10               Introduction

(Dr. Garif Yalak – Head of Digital Transformation Healthcare and Education, Country Digital Acceleration Switzerland)


16:10-16:30               Presentation
(Dr. Patrick Jermann – Director at the Center for Digital Education, EPFL)


16:30-16:50               Presentation
(Prof. Yongkang Su – Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


16:50-17:00               Q&A


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