Image by Ruiye Wang

Swiss Education Ecosystem

Join us in our special Swiss Education Ecosystem webinar session to reveal the secrets of the Swiss advanced education system from the junior academy to higher education.

Switzerland has been ranked as the top 1 innovative country successively for 11 years with 27 Nobel Prize laureates among 8.613 million population. Excellence in innovation and technology is achieved by the Swiss advanced education ecosystem. Key features of Swiss education, including pursuing excellence, diversity, and innovation attracts people to study in Switzerland globally.


Swiss Education Ecosystem is a webinar session organized by Swissnex in China and EHL. We are pleased to invite three guest speakers, who are ambassadors devoted to representing Swiss education in different academic stages.

Jackie Shao, Education consultant of Swiss Learning will share her insights regarding Swiss junior academy and boarding school. Swiss Learning dedicates to bringing together the best “Swiss Actors” on the international scene regarding junior academies, boarding schools, and private hospitality management education institutions.

Libing Gu, Head of Academic Relations in Swissnex in China will present us with Swiss public higher education systems. Switzerland has 2 federal institutes of technology, 10 universities, and 9 universities of applied sciences, which provides variety in academic fields and future professional pathways.

Finally, Jean-Baptiste Berguerand, Consultant of EHL Advisory Services, is going to discuss the reasons behind Swiss hospitality management and vocational training predominant position on an international scale.


19:00 – 19:10             Welcome speech

Ruiye Wang, Swissnex in China & EHL, Junior Project Manager, Digital Hospitality


19:10 – 19:25             Presentation

Jackie Shao, Swiss Learning, Education Consultant


19:25 – 19:40            Presentation

Libing Gu, Swissnex in China, Head of Academic Relations


19:40 – 19:55            Presentation

Jean-Baptiste Berguerand, EHL Advisory Services, Consultant


19:55 – 20:10           Q & A, Lucky draw



EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) 

For over 125 years, EHL has pioneered the methods of Swiss hospitality education and set the standards of excellence in this field. Today, EHL combines the Swiss values of academic rigor and industry practice with creativity and innovation for modern hospitality management degrees that prepare graduates to lead the future of the industry and the world.



Swiss Learning

Swiss Learning has been established in Geneva since 2006 with offices developed globally. Swiss Learning is managed by the best boarding school board members in Switzerland directly. Swiss Learning dedicates to presenting the world with a profound and excellent education tradition. Swiss learning, China office was established in 2021 contributing to connecting Swiss education institutions with Chinese families and helping Chinese students to access top Swiss private schools, camps, and building networks.


EHL Advisory Services

EHL Advisory Services is the largest Swiss hospitality advisory company specializing in service culture implementation, business consulting, as well as development and quality assurance of learning centres. EHL Advisory Services has delivered mandates in more than 60 countries over the past 40 years. EHL Advisory Services has the purpose to raise the level of excellence in partners’ organizations! With solutions that help them tackle contemporary challenges and prepare for future growth.