SheTech: Enabling Women’s Empowerment in Tech

Join the webinar co-organized by Swissnex in China and Swissnex in India to learn how female entrepreneurs are pushing the frontiers of innovation. Despite their common ground as leaders in tech-driven startups, they are also facing different challenges and opportunities.

Just as women are making incredible advancements in politics, economy and society, they are founding and leading startups and companies more than ever before in our tech-driven economy. The tech world will benefit greatly from the perspectives of more women founders to handle some of the biggest challenges impacting us. Joining our webinar are female entrepreneurs who are pushing the frontiers of innovation. They come from different countries and cultures, with expertise in a diverse range of industry domains, with different courses of growth. Despite their common ground as a leader of a tech-driven startup, they’re also facing different challenges and opportunities in their respective industries and countries.

Are you likewise passionate about diversity in technology and empowering female entrepreneurs? Are you curious to know what is the inspiration that prompts these outstanding women to begin their startup adventures and the success factors that boost their personal and organizational developments? Join us for this webinar on May 27!

Event Rundown

*Switzerland time


10:00 – 10:05               Opening & Introduction


10:05 – 10:20               Presentation: Big Data analytics’ impact in manufacture process and energy optimization
(Chunguang Wang (Charlotte) – Founder & CEO of EQuota Energy Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.)


10:20 – 10:35               Presentation: Brain wave is the new heart rate
(Séverine Chardonnens – Co-founder of IDUN Technologies (ETH spin-off))


10:35 – 10:50               Presentation: Agriculture 4.0
(Himani Shah – Co-Founder & CFO of Intello Labs, IIT Bombay)


10:50 – 11:00               Q&A and Closing Remarks


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