Global Agri-Food Innovation: Bridging Brazil, Switzerland and China

Are you a Swiss startup, researcher, or innovative company eager to delve into the latest trends in the agri-food and nutrition sectors in China and Brazil? This is your opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding of the agri-food and smart nutrition industries in both countries, as well as the exciting prospects these markets have to offer. If you're looking to explore the challenges and opportunities these markets hold, don't miss out on this chance and register now!

China announced its National Nutrition Plan for the period 2017-2030. With a population of 1.4 billion people, China faces significant challenges regarding food security, food quality, and eco-friendly production. These issues have prompted China to develop programs in recent years aimed at fostering the growth of the nutrition industry. These initiatives encompass innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as collaborations with leading universities in the field at the academic level.

In 2021, Brazil’s economy rebounded impressively by 4.6% post-pandemic, with a notable eightfold increase in investments compared to 2018. With over 25% of its GDP stemming from agribusiness, the demand for technologies supporting sustainable food systems is clear. Notably, 67% of Brazilians reduced their meat consumption, yet 53% still need help finding alternatives in supermarkets. Recognizing the urgency of the Future of Food, our initiative fosters collaboration between Switzerland and Brazil, driving innovative solutions from farm to table, catering to the changing food landscape, and connecting the rich agricultural traditions of both nations to a more sustainable and diverse culinary future.

In collaboration with Cluster Food & Nutrition and Swissnex in Brazil, Swissnex in China is thrilled to present a webinar focusing on the agri-food sector in China and Brazil. This webinar will feature industry experts from both countries who will provide a comprehensive overview of this thriving industry, offering insights into the key factors that shape its landscape. Join us to discover the challenges, opportunities, and valuable insights that await Swiss companies, researchers, and startups. Together, we will explore the exciting potential that these markets have to offer.


China Time

  • 7:00pm – Opening Speech by Cluster Food & Nutrition
  • 7:05pm – Introduction by Swissnex
  • 7:10pm – General Overview - Challenges and Market Opportunities in China
  • 7:25pm – General Overview: Challenges and Market Opportunities in Brazil
  • 7:40pm – Wellness in Every Bite: The Power of Food Innovation, by Xiwen Qing, Director, Food & Agtech, Plug and Play China
  • 7:55pm – Latest Trends, Innovations, and Technologies in Brazil's Food and Agricultural Industry
  • 8:10pm – Q&A

Brazil Time

  • 8:00am – 9:30am

Switzerland Time

  • 12:00pm – 13:30pm

Event start time


About the Cluster Food & Nutrition



The Cluster Food & Nutrition is an association that has been active in the agri-food sector since 2015. As a regional and national networking and facilitation platform, the Food & Nutrition Cluster’s mission is to strengthen collaboration between the various players in the agri-food ecosystem and to support them in their innovation efforts by combining knowledge of food processing with that of nutrition, health and emerging technologies in a sustainable manner and in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. More than 180 members and partners from the food, agriculture, packaging and distribution sectors, as well as research and training institutions, the public sector and trade associations, are currently part of the Cluster’s network.