Future Waste: Smart & Sustainable Plastics and Organics

Join us for this joint-webinar on how startups are pioneering in turning today’s organic and plastic waste into a resource for tomorrow.

The webinar is jointly organized by Swissnex in China and Science and Technology Office Seoul at Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea. Four startups working on plastic and food waste are invited to present and pitch their projects.

Waste increases in sync with the world’s population and wealth, causing landfills to reach capacity. The waste of today is the resource of tomorrow. Recovering and reusing materials is key to reducing pollution and protecting natural resources. Our four speakers from China, South Korea and Switzerland are experts on how to minimize organic and plastic waste and smartly treat it as a resource to improve efficiency, lower cost and reduce human’s impact on the environment. The aim is to smartly recycle and reuse waste, converting it into energy or safely returning it to the environment, as sustainable as possible.

Learn in this joint-webinar, how startups are pioneering in turning today’s organic and plastic waste into a resource for tomorrow, contributing to the creation of a circular economy, where waste materials are no longer simply thrown away, but are retained and re-used as future resource. Post-consumer waste could become a valuable revenue stream and fuels new markets in this circular economy. The Q&A session allows interaction between the audience and each startup.

Event Rundown

*China Time (GMT+8)

15:00 – 15:05              Opening
(Dr. Felix Moesner – Science Consul & CEO, Swissnex in China)


15:05 – 15:15               A Sustainable Circular Economy for PET Plastic
(Dr. Samantha Anderson – Founder & CEO, DePoly)


15:15 – 15:25               Biodegradable Polymer as a Solution to Plastic Waste Issues
(Yuanbin Bai – Vice President, Bluepha)


15:25 – 15:35               Decomposing ethylene and microorganisms to reduce food waste
(Sunyoung Lee – Founder & CEO, PureSpace)


15:35 – 15:45               The benefits of measuring and monitoring your resources
(Naomi MacKenzie – Co-founder, KITRO)


15:45 – 15:55               Q&A


15:55 – 16:00              Closing Remarks
(Dr. Alessandra Apicella – Head of Science and Technology Office, Embassy of Switzerland in the Republic of Korea)


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