Evolving VC Landscape in China and Opportunities for Swiss Startups

In this webinar speakers will share insights and suggestions to startups with intention to raise money in China.

Venture capitalists in China are operating under a climate of increasing uncertainty, while startups haven taken a hit and are scrutinized more rigorously than in the past. Significantly impacted by a series of factors such as the trade tension between China and US and the slow-down of the Chinese economy growth rate, Chinese VCs are undergoing a shuffle and are changing their game. In the meantime, as China marches towards technological advancement, the dynamics of china innovation landscape are changing. Furthermore, as with the situation all over the world, the unexpected outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus has shifted the established order of things, and startups are forced to look further afield for investment.

For this webinar, Swissnex in China has invited speakers with investment and accelerator management backgrounds to share tips on how startups should present themselves in meetings with Chinese investors. We will have Tang Hao, Vice General Manager at TusPark Jiangsu, the largest science park network in China, to share the experience and suggestions on how to leverage the network and resources from local accelerators backed by the government; David Chang, Vice President of Shanghai Blockchain Association and CEO of Blocknology Digital Venture, will talk from a Chinese VC point-of-view regarding the general attitude to and appetite for tech-led startups. Last but not least, Dr. Rajwinder Lehal, Chief Scientific Officer at Cellestia Biotech AG, who leads the fundraising for Cellestia and has had experience with Chinese investors (having taken part in Venture Leaders China 2018), will provide deep insights into how his startup successfully raised money from China. This webinar will be moderated by Jordi Montserrat, a distinguished expert in building successful ventures and supporting world-class Swiss entrepreneurs and startups with fundraising. As the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Venturelab, he also acts as a business angel and board member in the vibrant Swiss high-tech scene.


The Q&A session allows interaction between the experts and the audience.

Event Rundown

*Time in Switzerland (UTC+2)


09:00 – 09:05               Introduction & Opening Talk

(Swissnex in China and Jordi Montserrat – Co-Founder and Managing Partner at VentureLab)


09:05 – 09:35               Presentations (10’ per speaker)

Leverage smartly the network of Chinese accelerator in fundraising and market entry

(Tang Hao – Deputy General Manager of TusPark Jiangsu Development Co. Ltd. and the General Manager of TusPark Innovation Research Institute)

Post-Pandemic Funding Landscape for International Startups

(David Chang – Vice President of Shanghai Blockchain Association, industry fellow of UC Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator and CEO of Blocknology Digital Ventures)

Chinese VC: An opportunity for Swiss startups to raise capital and market entry into China

(Dr. Rajwinder Lehal – Chief Scientific Officer at Cellestia Biotech AG)


09:35 – 10:00               Q&A and Conclusion


Speakers and Moderator


  • Innosuisse
  • Venturelab