Einstein Day 2022

Come study with the Best & Brightest in Switzerland!

Einstein Day serves as a gateway for students from top-tier Chinese universities to learn about the benefits of studying in Switzerland.

Come to Switzerland to study and boost your study and career opportunities at the highest level! In this Zoom webinar, you will hear from high-level university representatives and accomplished alumni of five top Swiss universities to get first-hand information about study programs and university choices in the country in the heart of Europe.

Switzerland has a top-level education system in the world and is an excellent hub for top universities. Outstanding Swiss universities regularly rank globally among the leading universities for science and technology. In addition, public research institutions such as the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) and international organizations such as the United Nations have their headquarters in Switzerland. The academic landscape in Switzerland comprises twelve universities awarding doctorate degrees, as well as eight universities of applied science, which offer a more practice-focused approach to studying.


18:00-18:01 CST (11:00-11:01 CET)                      Welcome Remarks


18:01-18:11 CST (11:01-11:11 CET)                         Introduction Swiss ERI System 

Dr. Philippe Roesle, CEO and Consul, Swissnex in China


18:11-19:11 CST (11:11-12:11 CET)                          Introduction to Leading Swiss Public Universities

Dr. Olivier Küttel, Head of International Affairs, EPFL

Anders Hagström, Head International Affairs, ETH Zurich

Prof. Dr. Olivier Baudoin, Head of Chemistry Department, University of Basel

Noria Mezlef, Head of International Relations Office, University of Geneva

Prof. Dr. Harald Gall, Dean of Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, University of Zurich


19:11-19:15 CST (12:11-12:15 CET)                        Testimonials from Alumni




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