Design Talk – Made in China Diary

A picturesque journey through Chinese manufacturing with ANAÏDE GREGORY STUDIO.

Given by Gregory Brunisholz, Founder of Anaïde Gregory Studio, this talk will be focused on Made in China Diary (, a project initiated by the Swiss designer pair Anaïde Gregory Studio. It is first and foremost a travel log retracing a five-month journey through manufacturing China. Adopting a witty and curious approach, they gaze upon the Chinese economic miracle. Anaïde and Gregory give us a new look at local manufacturing processes, ranging from modest family operations to factory-cities resulting from success stories unlike anything seen in our region of the World. But they also grasp the dark side of this miracle, the unbridled urbanization, the negligible value of human life in the global production chain. They reveal how the Chinese have learnt by producing for the rest of the World.

“…Throughout their journey, they discover how the products and services of tomorrow are made today, exposing the reach of this new model that revolutionizes the way we consume, based on new production and quality standards”, said by Pascal Marmier, CEO of Swissnex in China.



Anaide Gregory StudioANAÏDE GREGORY STUDIO ( was established in 2010. The studio’s work includes product design, exhibition design and visual communication. Led by a state of curious and playful mind, the studio regularly develops self-initiated projects to share their vision freely and independently. They aim at promoting interaction between audiences and suggesting partici­patory postures.