China Crossroads: China’s High-Speed Railway Revolution: A Swiss Perspective

China’s railways are saving the world — literally — with a revolutionary modal shift underway. Having opened the world’s first 350 km/h High Speed line in 2008, China has grown the world’s biggest HSR network, a genuine alternative to road and air transport, and far greener as well.

Join us for another edition of China Crossroads with David Feng. David is probably the most-travelled Swiss citizen on the Chinese railways and one of the most visible voices in the rail world, takes a look at the Chinese rail network, its connections to the world’s largest metro networks, plans for future growth, and how the railways of China now lead a mobility revolution felt locally and worldwide.

This event is hosted by China Crossroads with the support and collaboration of Swissnex in China.


China Crossroads hosts talks on all topics related to China, including business, foreign policy, and other areas as they relate to China, the idea being that China is both already a “crossroads” of the world and itself at a “crossroads” in terms of its future global influence. For more information, contact Frank Tsai at [email protected].