Café des Sciences: Technical Spiral that We Inspire

Creating Symbiosis between Science, Technology & Design. In collaboration with Blockchain Centre Shanghai, Swissnex in China presents the 8th Café des Sciences Lecture in the evening of 15 August.

In collaboration with Blockchain Centre Shanghai, Swissnex in China is presenting the 8th Café des Sciences Lecture: Creating Symbiosis – Science, Technology, Design and Business on the evening of 15 August.

Laura Couto Rosado, Swiss artist and designer will be featured in the lecture where she will give a talk on designing cups with Quarks.  After a three-month residency at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in 2017, Laura Couto Rosado created a process that allows to materialize in 3D quantum phenomena from real data of particle collisions. Today, she collaborates with the Ceramic Research Lab in Limoges to design and produce a series of porcelain cups using these particle physics data. The lecture aims to show this unique and playful process that bridges our everyday life with extraordinary phenomena.

In addition to the talk, a roundtable discussion with other two guest speakers – Edward Liao (Lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art / Head of Design Subjects, AIVA) and Sarah Shen (Product Manager, 3Design Software Solution) will be presented. In context of interdisciplinarity, they will share their insights about how technology empowers design and where is the borderline between art and science in the contemporary design.




18:30 – 19:00                  Doors Open


19:00 – 19:05                  Welcome & Introduction

Rahel Gruber, Head of Operations, Co-Deputy CEO of Swissnex in China

Yawen Xu, Director of Blockchain Centre Shanghai


19:05 – 19:30                  Presentation – Designing Cups with Quarks

Laura Couto Rosado, Swiss artist & designer


19:30 – 20:00                 Roundtable Discussion


Yawen Xu, Director of Blockchain Centre Shanghai


Laura Couto Rosado, Swiss artist & designer

Edward Liao, Lecturer at Shanghai Institute of Design, China Academy of Art / Head of Design Subjects, AIVA

Sarah Shen, Product Manager, 3Design Software Solution


20:00 – 21:00                 Networking Reception



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Blockchain Centre is the world’s first non-profit education and knowledge Hub dedicated to driving blockchain technology. Blockchain Centre focuses on the blockchain community and plays an integral role in promoting blockchain technology around the world. To date, our global network of 15 centres span across 13 countries and 16 cities.Blockchain Centre has five key pillars, leveraging local partners and regulatory support to ensure a vibrant, knowledgeable and trustworthy blockchain community that increases the social impact of blockchain technology.


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Academy of International Visual Arts (AIVA), founded in 2005, is an independent art and design institution located in central Shanghai, China. It has expanded into a creative and culture hub in the last decade. Based on the Western educational system, AIVA develops an experimental mode of art education with a crosscultural, interdisciplinary and international approach through the use of diverse teaching methods and criteria. To encourage further creative and academic engagement with the art and design scene locally in Shanghai, China, regionally and internationally, AIVA regularly delivers an innovative program of activities and events to our students and the public, including lectures, workshops, and contemporary art and design exhibitions and events.

Café des Sciences

Shanghai | Every third Thursday each month 2019

Café des Sciences is a new format at Swissnex in China offering a monthly platform for Swiss Spotlight Scientists and Start-ups to present their projects and connect with the local community. The lectures will offer a casual setting in which speakers can present their work and engage with the attendees during a Q&A period. Audience are welcome to enjoy the networking reception with Swiss flavour after the talk. The lecture is scheduled to take place every third Thursday each month at Swissnex in China or our partner spaces.