Art x Science Dialogues: Transcending Waves: Sound, Technology, and Creativity

Join us for an engaging and thought-provoking event, "Transcending Waves: Sound, Technology, and Creativity," where we bring together three exceptional speakers who are pushing the boundaries of art and science in the realm of sound, technology, and creative expression.

Co-organized by Swissnex in China and Duke Kunshan University, in partnership with the Montreux Jazz Festival China, this event sets the stage for a captivating discourse. As a precursor to the Montreux Jazz Festival from September 27 to October 2 at the stunning Fairmont Yangcheng Lake in Kunshan, “Transcending Waves” is also seamlessly integrated into the LASER Talks series.

During the event, Benjamin Bacon will share his research and artistic practices in new media art, computational sound design,  Marcel Zaes Sagesser will give a presentation on “Dirty Mediations:” A Sonic Practice Between Low and High Tech, he’ll introduce his artistic practice in computational sound-making for the concert stage and for multimedia installations with a particular focus on the artwork “Dirty Mediations” that he developed in 2023. Kent Poon, as a recording producer and engineer, will share his experience in sound recording and immersive audio as well as creative projects at Montreaux Jazz Festival.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join the dialogue on September 26, 2023, at the Community Center East-Wing Performance Café, Duke Kunshan University. Let us come together to transcend waves, explore the limitless possibilities of sound and technology, and celebrate the boundless realm of human creativity.


  • 6:00pm – Registration for onsite guests
  • 6:30pm – Welcome remark by Philippe Roesle, Swissnex in China
  • 6:35pm – Presentation by Benjamin Bacon, Associate Professor of Media and Arts at Duke Kunshan University
  • 6:50pm – Presentation by Marcel Zaes Sagesser, Assistant Professor of the School of Design, Southern University of Science and Technology
  • 7:05pm – Presentation by Kent Poon, CTO of Montreux Jazz Festival China
  • 7:20pm – Discussion, Q&A
  • 7:50pm – Introduction Montreux Jazz Festival China & Lucky Draw, by Joyce Peng Peng, CEO of Montreux Jazz Festival China
  • 8:00pm – Networking reception

ZOOM Meeting ID: 982 5430 0804

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About Art x Science Dialogues

Art x Science Dialogues is an event series that looks at new interdisciplinary initiatives and trends and presents artistic projects in which scientists and research engineers are deeply involved. Swissnex in China acts as the multidisciplinary focal point that connects people and institutions while curating trend-setting topics. The goal is to build a global community of artists, scientists and innovators who are interested in the exchange of novel ideas and opportunities, thereby establishing a sustainable framework that fosters long-term art-science collaboration.


About LASER Talks

Leonardo/ISAST LASER Talks is a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists, and technologists together for informal presentations, performances, and conversations with the wider public. The mission of LASER is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building to over 50 cities and 5 continents worldwide.