Art x Science Dialogues – Mirror of Nature

Get ready for a special experience as Swissnex in China presents a poetic art-science exhibition! Opening its doors at the Pavilion of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai on December 15 2023, this immersive showcase is a harmonious collaboration between wildlife researchers and biologists from the University of Zurich, along with artists from China and Europe.

Dive into a world where art and science seamlessly intertwine! The exhibition takes you on a visual journey, exploring the global survey on animal behavior. Artists, inspired by collected videos, have crafted their own interpretations of themes like extinction and habitat preservation, all converging in this unique showcase. As Swissnex in China assumes the role of official LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Host China, this event is also part of LASER Talks series facing the global community of art-science audiences.

Join us for the opening where Swissnex in China will host a panel discussion with the exhibition’s curators, Katharina Weikl (Head of Art x Science at the University of Zurich) and HAN Bo (Poet & Artist). Gain insights into the curatorial concept and the stories behind this interdisciplinary project. Dr. LI Bicheng from the Shanghai Natural History Museum, representing the wildlife researchers involved in the exhibition, will also discuss his participation in the global research network and share his unique perspectives on biodiversity.

Step into the mesmerizing world of wildlife and be part of the conversation on the “Mirror of Nature.” Your presence will add to the richness of this immersive experience, and we can’t wait to share this wonderful journey with you!



At MoCA Pavilion (No.215 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai)

  • 3:30pm – Registration
  • 3:45pm – Curator's guided tour of the Exhibition

At Roof 325 (5F, No.325 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai)

  • 4:25pm – Welcome by Swissnex in China
  • 4:30pm – Panel Discussion: Dr. Katharina Weikl, HAN Bo and Dr. LI Bicheng
  • 5:30pm – Q&A Session
  • 6:00pm – Networking Reception

Event start time

Mirror of Nature: Biodiversity Through the Lens of Technology and Art

December 15 2023 – January 15 2024, Shanghai

This event is part of Mirror of Nature, a collaborative project between Swissnex in China, the University of Zurich, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai. Together, we will explore biodiversity and conservation projects worldwide by presenting an immersive exhibition and curating a series of talks and discussions alongside it. At the intersection of art, science, and technology, we hope to continue the scientific narratives of wildlife conservation in China and provide a Sino-Swiss platform to foster more meaningful exchanges among wildlife researchers, citizen scientists, artists, and the interested public.


About Art x Science Dialogues

Art x Science Dialogues is an event series that looks at new interdisciplinary initiatives and trends and presents artistic projects in which scientists and research engineers are deeply involved. Swissnex in China acts as the multidisciplinary focal point that connects people and institutions while curating trend-setting topics. The goal is to build a global community of artists, scientists and innovators who are interested in the exchange of novel ideas and opportunities, thereby establishing a sustainable framework that fosters long-term art-science collaboration.


About LASER Talks

Leonardo/ISAST LASER Talks is a program of international gatherings that bring artists, scientists, humanists, and technologists together for informal presentations, performances, and conversations with the wider public. The mission of LASER is to encourage contribution to the cultural environment of a region by fostering interdisciplinary dialogue and opportunities for community building to over 50 cities and 5 continents worldwide.



  • Swissnex in China
  • University of Zurich
  • MoCA Pavilion
  • MoCA Shanghai Foundation